August 28, 2006


The world is filled with so many beautiful colors, each with different hues and intensity from sky blue to emerald green, from hot pink to yellow lemon. But too many people think that all these colors are equally wearable and equally flattering to them. I'm sure every color looks good on somebody, but not all colors look good on everybody (I sound like Tolstoy!).

These people don't realize that some colors look better on them than others, and they have no idea which colors fit them best. Even worse, other people confuse their favorite colors with the colors that fit them. Hushed confession: I was one of them! I love pink and nothing could stop me from buying all the cute pink sweaters, bating suits, dresses, sneakers (!) I could get my hands on, until I finally stopped being in denial and accepted the reality that pink doesn't look good on me, well at least not the pale pink or powder pink, while luckily I do much better in a bright, hotter one.

See, the reality is that some colors will look good on us, some will look even better, while some other ones will make us look pale, or boring, or uninteresting, or, you don't want to hear this, even older! Think about it, has it ever happened to you that a friend or a co-worker complimented you: "this sweater looks very nice on you"? I'm sure it has. And you know what most of the time is the reason why something looks really good on us (I'm not counting male compliments on plunging necklines). Yep, you guessed it, the right color. It was one of you good colors!

Or think about the times, out shopping, when you've tried something on and even though there was nothing wrong with the way it fitted you, it just didn't feel right. It probably was one of your bad colors. So, now that you know the importance of colors, you can start your own journey in the land of hues and reflections.

While there is some truth to color codes and hair/eyes/skin combination, these rules can't be set in stone, and only with some experimenting you will find the right colors for you. Also the many different hues won't let you be too generic in picking your good colors, so, for example, you will find that blue looks good on you, but not every blue, because midnight blue, navy blue, royal blue, cobalt blue and azure are all blue colors yes, but they will all look different on you and some will most likely look better than others (think about my powder pink vs. hot pink discovery), your goal is to know which ones are which. Of course the same applies for red, green, yellow...

The good news is that there is only one shade of black (unless you have been hanging it out to dry under the sun) and it usually looks good on most people, and there is only one white, but while it's flattering to most as well, it doesn't have the "slimming" properties of black.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't think more than 30% of the population looks good in black.

Was this just a kind of stream of conciousness thing?

Didn't sound like Tolstoy to me.

NY Spender said...

The Tolstoy reference is to the beginning of Anna Karenina.

And sure why not, a blog is somewhat a stream of consciousness.