September 16, 2006

Subway Fashion - Do Not Attempt

This is what Jackson Pollock’s summer line 2006 would have looked like if he got into fashion instead of painting.

Definitely inspired by him, this woman first splashed herself with yellow and white paint and then danced to some sexy tunes in front of a big black paint brush.

She teaches us many lessons:

1. It is not necessary to match your clothes to your hair.

2. Don't mix busy patterns - Her pants are ugly enough, but to couple them with that top is really asking for abuse.

3. Stripes are slimming when they're vertical - Her rounded lines only accentuate her "not so slim" figure.

4. Do not wear clothes that make everyone around you dizzy. Even my camera couldn't focus!


Anonymous said...

Im not so sure that she looked more like a Jackson Pollock, or more like a nauseous Walt Disney on hallucinogens.

Shopalicious! said...

the subway can indeed be fodder for lots of fashion faux pas!