September 24, 2006

When it's Sexy and When it's Not

A girl should be proud of who she is, her life, her experiences. She also should love and respect herself. She should also know that if she has fat feet, she shouldn't wear strappy sandals.

Fashion can help people look their best, help them cover up their small (or big!) imperfections, with the keyword being "cover up". It's always easier to cover up an imperfection by hiding it, not by showing it.

You expose your best features, not your cellulite.

I apologize in advance for the visuals, but this is not going to be a pretty post.

It's not flattering, much less sexy, to wear a mini skirt, with no stockings, when you have chubby legs. But it's even worse if you pair the skirt with knee high leather boots that squeeze your calves, while all the flesh above the knee is uncovered and loose. Worse still, if you wear fishnet stokings with flesh trying to escape from every (fishnet) hole.

What about belly shirt worn by girls with a flabby, or fat, or covered in stretch marks belly? Granted, it's hard to get a perfectly flat stomach, but that doesn't mean you should stop exercising and wear a belly shirt anyway. If your belly is not your best feature, keep it covered. Nobody wants to see it anyway. Really. It's an eyesore. But if you must wear the belly shirt, avoid running, jumping or dancing with it on. Seriously.

And jiggly breasts need a good support bra, not a low cut shirt.

Exposing flesh doesn't always make you look sexy. When you have some extra pounds you need to lose, exposing too much skin can play against you. Nobody finds muffin tops, backfat, underarm cleavage or cankles attractive. Slim bodies won't look good either if they're not toned.

So use good judgement, and if you're not sure ask your girlfriends, and most important of all, if you're not comfortable in it, don't wear it.


Lauren Messiah said...

Thank you for posting this! Lets just hope people listen.

NY Spender said...

I know! :)

Alfred Kuchinski said...

Listen up...I have see many teenage girls with bellies hangin' out. Our Physical Education classes should stress a little more on diet.
There is nothing wrong with a chubby girl, in fact many look better than the skinny ones who look emaciated. (stick legs)
Is it possible to find a "Happy Medium?"
Al Kuchinski

Anonymous said...

Remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Some of us actually like women with curves and shall I say it a nice round belly. It is also VERY attractive for a woman to be comfortable enough with themselves to show a little extra flesh rather than to be relagated to the oversized baggy clothing that is most often pushed upon the plumper women.

Anonymous said...

yep....even i didnt like to flaunt that flabby flesh of mine so i started gyming n was on diet now my weight is perfect now i do wear shor shirt but i still ve underarm cleavage thats nt going at all. everybody talks abt that but nobody gives the direction of how to get rid of it permanently.....since i m going to gym regularly frm past 1 yr n i lost 9 my weight is perfect with my height can anybody suggest something....