September 21, 2006

Winter Hair 2006

Haircuts play an extremely important part in defining your style. Studies have shown that your hairstyle can determine if you are seen as a smart, fun, or even as a wealthy woman. So what's best for you to have? Long, medium or short hair?

Decide after you read the following tips:

Short Hair
Best for heart-shaped faces;
with bangs works on round faces;
with side layers will soften squared faces.
Overweight people shouldn't have very short hair. Good for fine to normal hair, straight or a little wavy.

Medium Hair
It's the cut that works on almost all faces, as long as it has a defined shape, and it doesn't just fall flat. Good for all body types. Good for all hair, but very curly hair should also get some layers.

Long Hair
Works on almost all faces, but anything past your mid-back is too long and hard to maintain. Good for everybody, except petite women who look smaller with hair too long. Not good for extra-thick or extra-thin hair.

This coming cold season (at least in the part of the world I am in) opt for something flowy and possibly layered.
Here are some pictures to help you pick a style:

Pick a rich color, and if your hair is long and straight, this fall give it some volume, layers and side swept bangs.

If you want to try a new hair color remember this:

Pale skin looks good with all hair colors.
Olive skin looks good with darker hair colors.

If you look good in warm colors (red, orange...) chose a golden blonde or a golden brown, or red.

If you look good in cool colors (cool red, fuscia, black...) chose a platinum or ash blonde or ash brown, or a jet black.

Colored hair needs extra care:
- shampoo gently with a shampoo specially created for colored/treated hair.
- protect it from the sun with hair products with sunscreen
- deep condition it every week

Another picture of side swept bangs. Even if it's not her real hair.
I am not sure anybody has seen her real hair.

Some women find it hard to cut inches off their hair and only go for the routine trim (I am one of them), but a lot of women will cut their hair after a breakup, usually to symbolize a major change in their life.

If you ever want to try a short cut, I think this one is one of the best and more feminine ones, but you need to have thick hair to pull this haircut.

Also, highlights and lowlights are a great way to update your look.
If you have very blonde highlights, this winter remember to tone down your color by getting some lowlights... look more like this
These highlights are more natural looking and easier to maintain, with a trip to the hairdresser every 3-6 months.

Highlights look good on any hair lenght, just remember not to go more than four shades lighter or darker of your natural hair color.

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