October 15, 2006

Halloween Costumes Ideas 2006

Halloween is about dressing up and, at least for a day, pretending to be someone else.

When I was a little girl, I dressed up as Smurfette, as a Princess, as Wonder Woman, as Spider Woman (I was big on superheros), as Madonna (back in 1985)...

Basically all people (real or fictional) that I admired, whose fashion choices inspired me, and whose accessories I loved (Smurfette's hat, Wonder Woman's cuffs and lasso, Madonna's bracelets, fingerless lace gloves, hair rags and crosses!).

Fast forward to adulthood and things have changed a bit.

The costumes we wear as adults have a whole new theme: sex.

The French Maid.

Pardon me.

The Sexy French Maid.

The Nurse.


The Sexy Nurse.

The Schoolgirl.

Excuse me again...

Britney Spears.

Of course pre-Federline, pre-pregnancies, circa 1999.

And everybody's favorite...

The Bunny!!! Sexy, of course.

Who doesn't love a sexy bunny?


I hear there's a whole farm out in Los Angeles that makes millions with these bunnies... some strange fascination, I know...

The truth is pretty evident. When we wear anything like this, we don't dress up for ourselves anymore, we dress up for the guys. Nothing wrong with that. Just something to think about it.

I would really like to see more guys dressing up as sexy firemen and sexy police officers, but the only time that that happens it's a bunch of guys singing YMCA and they're not even dressing up for us ladies...

So this year, how about we break the mold?

Let's try something different, original, fun.

Like the sexy pirate! :)

I'm kidding...

How about Raggedy Ann?

I think there is something adorable about this costume. Even if I am scared to death of any raggedy ann doll. It must be the triangular eyes.

Or maybe kick some butt in this fashionable ninja yellow jumpsuit.

Or you can go back to the good old days and be a superhero again. Look at those cuffs!

Or if you really want a one-of-a-kind (and you have about $7,000 to spend) you can try this "Violet Hero" original costume, worn by Milla Jovovich in the movie "Ultraviolet".

Whatever your pick, this year try something without "sexy" in the costume's name, or at least wait to be behind closed doors before you put it on. ;)


adolescent stylist said...

everthing expose so much, but then again, that's supposed to be considered "sexy"

Anonymous said...

im going as raggedy ann and andy with my friend..but i got some white bloomer thingys to go under that costume