October 26, 2006

Victoria Who?

Why is Victoria's Secret so popular? Is it because their style is plain, boring, uninspiring? What does that say about us? We all shop there. Sure, they have the "pink" collection, the "very sexy" collection, the "body" collection, but isn't it always the same stuff, recycled and restocked year after year?

I don't even understand their ads anymore.

The "bra".

Yes, that's the name. How is it different than other bras? Who knows? Oh yes, it's more expensive.

The last time a bra made a difference was when the push-up bra was invented. It did give you a nice lift, and you got to keep your dignity when you took it off.

Since then, there hasn't been anything new.

The IPEX? Just a fancy name to justify a $45 price tag.

The gel-filled bra, you say? Who are you trying to fool? Youself? No, you shouldn't have to. Someone else? Maybe... But if the gel is supposed to fool, and say it does... how do you explain the loss of a cup size (or two) when you take it off? Gel is nothing but the adult version of stuffing.

No more Victoria for a while.

Try something different.

Explore other brands, trust me, there are plenty to choose from, like Verdissima, for example.

A refreshing change.

Dare to be different.

On second thought, I did like the "angels" collection, but they never have those wings on sale.


Anonymous said...

i've never bought a single item from victoria secret. I've gotten some stuff as gifts but now that you mention it, it's very true their collection is rather boring and not to mention expensive.

Lauren Messiah said...

I hear ya...Victoria Secret is BORING!!