November 26, 2006

Holiday Party Dresses from Barbie

I love holiday parties!

I have one on December 15th, and I think it's time to start looking for a new dress.

The key when shopping for a party dress is to be aware of the dress code.

If it's a family party, there is nothing to worry about, you can pretty much wear anything you like. Of course, always try to look nice, and somewhat elegant. Don't show up in jeans, unless you are 16.

If it's a friend's party, then make sure you know if it's casual or more formal and pick your dress accordingly.

Today, to help us in our window shopping, a special guest and a fashion icon: Barbie.

For a friend's party she would look for something like this.

A short black dress never fails.

It's elegant, but it doesn't look like you're trying too hard. It can be fun, sexy, flirty, or just simple and classy. You decide.

Or if you want to buy pieces that you can reuse often, look into separates.

A pencil skirt, in a festive color like red, paired with an elegant shirt or top.

Barbie suggests animal prints.

If the party is out on the town, she would wear something colorful and sexy.

She also reminds you to wear comfortable shoes.

If you know your party is going to be somewhat formal, you can have a little fun and wear a fancy dress that you don't and can't normally wear every day.

The trick here is to be able to pull as much elegance as you are comfortable with.

The easiest choice is again a little black dress. In this case, Barbie would pick a satin one, or maybe a velvet one if the party is in a cold city.

The dress needs to be fancier that the one you would wear at a casual party, so pick an elegant design, classy details, and accessorize with matching high heels and a sparkling pair of earrings.

Barbie wouldn't wear anything too short for this occasion.

A step above the little black dress is a strapless dress, in a color other than black.

The lenght is still on the short side, but now you have the opportunity to define your style, instead of chosing the safe alternative of the black dress.

Pick whatever color suits you best, in a style that flatters your figure.

Don't forget your hair... Barbie's half updo is actually pretty nice.

If your party is a formal one, and you really need to dress up... lucky you!

You can go with something simple yet beautiful, like a long silky strapless dress.

You can keep your hair down like Barbie on the left, or you can put it up and flaunt your back and shoulders.

Barbie also loves a festive yet classy dress, in the colors of the season. Red, green and gold are the usual favorites, but my suggestion is not to overdo it because you don't want to look like a Christmas gift (Barbie can be, you shouldn't).

Once again, Barbie is sporting another gorgeous hairstyle, with these season's side swept bangs.

Have fun!

Next week: more party dresses.

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Kimmie said...

Barbie is a great icon. She always dresses in a way that is tasteful while making sure that every eye is on her. How clever to choose great outfits for holiday parties via the power of her fashion trends and adding the little things that make an outfit really come together.