November 27, 2006

Fashion Disaster: Patterns Disaster

This shot is not very clear, but I was trying to take a picture as quickly as I could, without getting into any trouble...

Hopefully this girl won't mind if we take some advice from her fashion choices:

You shouldn't mix and match everything in your closet.
You shouldn't get dressed in the dark.
You shouldn't match colors and ignore patterns.
You shouldn't match patterns and ignore colors.

I am not here to say mean things about anybody (there are better blogs out there for that), but this girl really needs some help.

A multicolored striped sweater, a multicolored (different colors, mind you) striped scarf, red checkered stockings, denim skirt, white leg warmers, a green bandana and a weird looking backpack... I mean, is it really hard to see that it doesn't look right, or is it just me?

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