December 3, 2006

10 Things I Hate about Fashion

Here I go ranting about fashion again.

It must make you wonder if I really like fashion, or if this blog is just a practical joke... well, let me assure you that I do love fashion, but, I also like to create some sort of balance in here, so that after so many posts about how beautiful a dress is, or how blue and brown don't go together, I can also poke some fun or even throw a tantrum at the amazing world of fashion. Why keep it boring?

So here are the 10 things I hate about fashion:

1 - How it has filled our closets with stuff that doesn't fit us.
We buy a bikini even though we don't feel comfortable wearing one; we buy skinny pants because they're in style, even though we are far from skinny, and then we go on mad diets to make it all fit. Which brings me to the next point:

2 - How it affects our body image and contributes to eating disorders.
This is nothing new. All these perfectly created models on the runway and on the covers of magazines have affected many girls' self-esteem, and distorted any image of normalcy.

3 - How it influences our better judgement.
Even though we might not be ready for them yet, the higher powers of fashion decide for us that it's time to bring back leggings (or any other garnment you are not really crazy about), and so everybody starts selling them and people start wearing them, and we see them everywhere and even though we don't want to like them, they start growing on us again, and in the end, we succumb and buy something that three months ago we swore we would never wear, at least not for another 5 years.

4 - How expensive it is.
Not much I can add to what I've already said before... the numbers have been constantly increasing, reaching absurd out-of-control prices, and once again, we are to blame. If nobody would buy those so-called luxury items, you can be sure those prices would start coming down quickly.

5 - The Metrosexual man.
Enough said.

6 - The fact that Burberry keeps making the same rain coat and people keep buying it.
Yes, it is a nice raincoat, and the familiar pattern can be comforting under the rain, but for how much longer will we praise this rain coat? I understand it is sort of a classic, but aren't you tired of the pattern already? And to make matters worse, if we keep buying and don't expect any changes, there will be no changes. The designer becomes paralized in what has worked so far, and continues playing it safe. I can only imagine Burberry's holiday parties, with everyone sitting around the fireplace, sipping on their burberry flutes, when the new, naive, intern decides to speak up: "how about we create a new, modern, more vibrant pattern?", and after the room goes dead silent for few seconds, and everyone is looking at each other in disbelief, then they all look back at the intern and start laughing histerically.

7 - How its world is full of self-important people.
A "Nobel Prize Winners' Dinner" is full of much more down-to-earth individuals.

8 - There will probably never be anything new, ever.
We'll play with colors, with different pants/shoes combinations, we'll stop wearing leggings again just to bring them back in twenty years... but in the end, we've seen it and worn it all. We've had long skirts, mini skirt, pencil skirt, balloon skirt (yuck!) cropped pants, shorts, skinny jeans, relaxed fit, cargo pants... we've been through it all. Unfortunately, it looks like there is not much else left out there to explore. This is partially the reason why we see some really crazy outfits on the runway sometimes, because a designer will try to come up with something new and different, but impossible to wear in the real world.

9 - How 90% of the stuff you see on a runway will never be available to the general public.
Because of the proibitive price but also because most times is not something you can wear everyday. Away with self-indulgent creations!

10 - Because it is idolizing people that shouldn't be idolized.
From the Parises to the Nicoles, these "mediocre" girls put up a fashion show thanks to unlimited spending resources. And become fashion icons! But have nothing else to say, are not talented, can't even spell... and the biggest news they make is when they fire their stylist! What ever happened to the likes of Jackie Onassis and Princess Diana?


Anonymous said...

Why do you say that blue and brown don't go together? They do and rather nicely at that. Brown is nothing but a dark orange, orange being the ideal complimentary to blue. Look at it on a color wheel. This is in every single art book you pick up.

NY Spender said...

Oh, but that was just my personal opinion. I don't like the way they look together, especially when it's a navy blue with a dark brown. Are you saying you like to wear complementary colors? I'm not sure I want to wear red with green, or purple with yellow, and they are complementary colors...

TheHam said...

very good point,i'm doing a fashion journalism degree in london and the issues you've raised stick in my head when i'm watching lollipop heads on the catwalk and analysing the 'Trench coat'.what does keep me sane is the history of fashion,lets just hope we create a better impression of our era for future generations!

Anonymous said...


I'm a 23 year old metrosexual male. I personally think leggings are a wonderful concept at that! I think females need to stop whining and feeling akward about men who want to wear leggings! "Gender is nothing more than a physical construct." It has nothing to do with what sex they are. Both men and women can and do actually percieve the world in similar ways. A man doesn't always like to wear heavy, thick and dark apparel. We too enjoy the luxuries of lfe like silk and nylon. Clearly a man that is well built and assertive like most men, but perhaps is better groomed and enjoys wearing leggings doesn't mean he is any less of a man. A man or woman is determined based on how kind, helpful and positive we are toward others, not what we eat, wear, sleep in, or how we act like outside of these pathetic gender roles created my society that something thought up as being the ONLY way. It simply doesn't work that way. Individuals are very complex living beings with mixed emotions, new developing feelings about ourselves and others, and our own need to be distinctive among others. In conclusion, open-mindedness and the ability to let change occur is not a punishment but a gift to express oneself and enjoy life on higher and newer levels. Judge not another and they won't judge you!

Now for all the men out there. Give it a try if you choose. Fear of rejection means you are dependent on what others think and want of you.

Jazevox said...

great points mentioned about fashion! not the best fan of leggings either

Anonymous said...

and the worst part of it is, fashion is driven by the culture which used to be more inspiring in my opinion pre a certain date in time. I feel that fashion gets better every year, or seems to have this decade, yet because of how negative the media has become-- what with the constant emphasis on celebrities and "keeping up"-- none of it as fun as it used to be. Or maybe I am just getting old and bitter.