December 17, 2006


I've always been very fascinated by eastern fashion: silk, embroidery, beading, vibrant colors. The question has always been how to combine such pieces with my western style.

Just like in the gourmet world, the answer is "fusion".

ZenTrend knows that: their collection mixes East and West, and brings you wearable choices at affordable prices.

This top is an example of a well-orchestrated fusion: the eastern silk brocade coupled with a western design, for a piece that can be worn with a skirt, black pants or even jeans.

I have first-hand experience dealing with ZenTrend. I own this beautiful shawl on the left, and it is silky, soft and as warm as you would expect a pashmina to be, with the added touch of pretty beadings.

The service is simply outstanding, their signature packages are very original, and Lekha was such an exquisite person to deal with.

Pay her a visit: ZenTrend

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Anonymous said...

I am the proud owner of a silk and pashmina stole adorned in crystals from This accessory added the perfect sparkle to my holiday attire and looked like it cost a fortune (sshhh! it was actually on sale!). So whether you have a million dollars or just want to look as though you do, I highly recommend visiting for that one piece no one else has but will leave everyone talking about.

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