January 28, 2007

Star Tattoo

Everybody has an opinion on tattoos:

- I have one!
- I hate them!
- I'm too old for one now.
- I've always wanted one but I am afraid of needles...

I personally like them.

I think a tattoo can say a lot about a person, from the "I got this one after going through a very rough time, and I wanted some of the experience to stay with me forever (even visually)" to the "I got this tattoo this one time when I was drunk with my friends, and I don't even like it anymore...".

Luckily, today tattoos are widely accepted (when in moderation of course), and have become just another fashion trend, but I believe it's still important to think about where to get a tattoo (it's also wise to think about the "what" to get).

I have a tattoo, and if I could go back, oh say 13 years ago, I would still get it, but in a different place. It's an armlet, on my left arm. That means I can't wear a strapless dress, an alter dress, a tank top, a bikini or a see-through shirt without showing it off. And while that might have been the point way back then, today I wish I had immaculate arms. I still love tattoos, but I don't think they look great, say, with an elegant dress.

Look at Angelina.

I understand she is beautiful and all, but I still think those tattoos are too much.

And while the "Billy Bob" tattoo has been lasered off, and covered with her kids birth places, that dragon is taking some time to disappear, which means it's not that simple, if possible at all, to get completely rid of unwanted tattoos.

An extra reason to think about it before getting one.

With that said, I think I want another one. No special reason, I actually didn't think I would ever get more than one... except that lately it's been on my mind. But this time I want a more discreet one.

So where should one get a tattoo? Good question. Unless you are getting one to flash it at the world, or you have no choice on the placement (say if you are covering a scar), you might want to get one where it's easier to hide it.

Easier said than done.

Considering I don't like tattoos on or in the proximities of breasts (you know, the ones that peek at you from a low-cut shirt, and that elongate with age), the only other hidden places left are the pelvis area (it gotta hurt) and your buttocks. And the soles of your feet.

So I would get one on the pelvis area, below the belt, to the side... you get the idea.

But what to get? To tell the truth, I just want another tattoo, without really having a set idea of what I want to permanently scar my body with. The last thought was "something small, simple and pretty" so I was thinking of a star. But then I saw these pictures...

After a little research, I've found out that everybody and their mother has a "star" tattoo.

I don't have all the pictures but the list of celebrities with "star" tattoos include:

Britney Spears (just shoot me!)

Sienna Miller

Drea De Matteo (yuck!)

Lindsay Lohan (but of course!)

Now ask me if I still want to get a "star" tattoo.

Of course not.

And I thought I was original...

... a dragon would have been less common!

Do I really have the same tattoo taste as Britney?!? Oh, be still my heart!!!


Lauren Messiah said...

LOL. Great posting. I have a little tattoo on my wrist and I love. I too have been trying to dream up another one for my pelvic bone region...but no sure what I want.

Anonymous said...

i had the same problem. about 3 months ago, i wanted a little star on the side of my heel... but i dont want to be the girl who got the britney tat!

Anonymous said...

i have a star tattoo.. and i like it. i didnt know all of these stars had it, just that giselle had it on her wrist. Even though I know that, I dont care i still love my tattoo.

Anonymous said...

seriously ppl...who cares if britney has a tattoo she is going to call u up and be like wtf!

if u like a stars like i do ever since i was lil i'm goin to get one i'm going to make it as unique as possible.

its like saying i dont want to be blonde because ppl are going to think i'm brintey spears...

umm...no there not. No one is going to be checking how close u are to a britney spears wannabe. NO!!!

if u want a star tat that get one but it doesn't mean to talk shit about ppl that have one or are getting one.

i have one on my hip with several lil stars around the bigger one and the bigger one has a lil pink flower inside. I LOVE IT!!

really ppl just cause u get a star that might be in the same place a celebrity NO ONE is going to care.

Anonymous said...

i have one on my left breast...its a tiger lily...really pretty but i got it to cover a stupid tattoo i got at 15. i want another but im going to place it somewhere that i can cover it and show it when i want like on my back or ankle.

Anonymous said...

I really like tattoos! Interesting text you had written about them..