February 26, 2007

Spring Wedding Dresses

My co-worker's question:

Have you given your thoughts on hot dresses for spring? Wedding season is coming up… I’ve got two in april! I need a dress!!! And does it still stand true that you should not wear white and/or red to weddings? What if there is a pattern on it?

Ah, weddings! How lucky! You get to dress up, ride in a limo, lip-sync at mass (it's ok, a lot of people do it), eat like a queen, dance to 80s music and bad techno (who hired this DJ?), place bets on how long the couple will last, get drunk, go home.

So what do you wear for such a charming event?

There is an unwritten rule of not wearing white to a wedding, not to detract from the bride, and I agree. There are plenty of other colors to wear... why take the limelight off your friend/relative?

The only time you are allowed to wear white is if the bride stole your boyfriend and then had the courage to invite you to the wedding. Heck, I say buy a $99 wedding gown and wear that to the wedding! :)

What about red? Yes, you can wear red to a wedding, red is a happy color, color of celebrations, and it's actually the color the bride wears in China (if that's where your wedding is, then skip the red dress for the same reasons as above). Except that red is more of a winter color, so I wouldn't suggest it for your spring wedding.

Go as fancy or as simple as you feel like, just keep it elegant and fashionable, and in a color that suits you.

Here are some ideas:

Something young, springy and colorful.

Pastel colors are perfect.

If you need more color, and are still in your 20s (lucky you!) you could wear something like this.

If the wedding is by the beach and you already have a nice tan, you could wear this simple, yet gorgeous dress.

If you need something more elegant, how about this one?

A safe (a bit boring) bet.

Something different.

On a budget.

My personal favorite.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The jovani one is really pretty. What about cream, though? Maybe too bridal as well? And champagne / beige? I-S-F


Jazevox said...

the blue dress looks classy and hot, the printed beige (labelled something different) is very stylish and unique, great for many different occassion