April 7, 2007

A Message from a Fashion Leader

If you're tired of just following the fashion trends, and are ready to be more of a fashion leader, you need to start by taking some risks.

Like wearing unusual accessories.

Or better yet, trying not to "always" wear what everyones else is wearing.

Nobody was wearing big crosses as a fashion statement back then, but I did.

I am not suggesting wearing a wedding dress to any other occasion other than your own wedding, but definitely try to mix-and-match styles and accessories that you don't usually mix-and-match.

Here the contrast was between the lace of the dress and the metal of all my bracelets.

Never be afraid to experiment. Play with colors.

Black, white, red and grey are not the only colors to wear.

Try turquoise, yellow, orange...

What is the fastest way to make a bold statement?

Chop your beautiful long hair off!

People will notice.

I really did it because my hair was fried from all the damage of coloring, but hey! people still noticed.

A word of caution here...

cut your hair: YES
shave your head: NO.

You can also wear a statement on a T-shirt, but you need to be careful about what message you want to carry around for the day.

The "Italians Do It Better" works because it's true.

No, no, no... I am not suggesting to bare it all... I just wanted to send a message to an old friend...

Look Britney!

Waaaaaaaaaay before you!!!

It's never a bad idea to polish up your look.

Perfect hair, impeccable make-up, a gorgeous dress... and you will be ready to take over the world.

You can also experiment with your hair color.

Or your make-up.

Or your religion.

You can modernize old fashions...

Like giving an 80s look a new millenium feel.

Finally, my last piece of advice is to wear "age appropriate"


And if everything else fails, you can always go back to what you are comfortable with.


Milena said...

Good post and I totally agree with you. She is simply great and always way ahead of the others. Most of the people just follow trends...

In case you are celebrating, I wish you Happy Easter and a wonderful time!

NY Spender said...

Thank you Milena, and to you too :)

Anonymous said...

Having grown up with Madonna style trends from the beginning (and singing Like a Virgin on a field trip to my principal--a nun no less), this has got to be the best post I have read all week!

Look for a link to it on Pierce Mattie PR's blog on 4/16 "Weekend Pulse of the Blogosphere."