August 28, 2007

Fall Fashion '07: Essentials

Here's is a must-buy list for this fast approaching fall:

A belted coat, or

A girly coat.

A gray knit sweater.

Actually, everything from this picture.

Same concept, a bit more on the mature side.

A gray suit.

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm liking this gray this season. Which is weird, because gray doesn't work all the time with my fair complexion, but there is something cozy and comfortable about a big gray sweater, that I can't explain.

Also, I guess, after the bright colors of Spring and Summer I am looking forward to darker and neutral colors this Winter.

And I am so excited that tights are in!

I remember back in Italy, in 1989, after school I would stop by this little store that sold socks, tights and all kinds of leg wear. And I would dream about owning every single color of tights they had in the store. I would buy a pair here and there and make sure that they wouldn't rip, so that I could collect them all. Of course, they went out of style before I could finish my quest, and the store stopped selling them.

This is why I am excited! Now that they are in style, I won't have to go searching for them, they will be everywhere!

So I will need some gray and some black, but I am sure I won't stop there. I will probably indulge in every color that I can match with something in my closet.

And of course let's not forget the ribbed ones!

If you still have room for one more gray piece, I would get a knit dress.

But if you had enough of gray, then how about a black, slimming, belted dress?

The pants this season are the same as every season, and don't let anybody tell you different...

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in (and what is more appropriate for your age).

Slim Leg.

Wide Leg.



And guess what?

Those leggins are still around...


M.S. said...

wow...imagine if someone's wardrobe consisted of only those boring! :)
miss s

NY Spender said...

Hey! I happen to like these pieces! You're younger, you'll get to this phase one day... (kids!)

... or maybe not, and you'll be 40 and still color your hair pink... whatever rocks your world...

Fashion is great! Thanks for the comment! :)

Anonymous said...

That is totally not true! I am younger, 18, and I find those outfits amazing as well. I also have a question for you Spender. I have a medium size figure but i have D cup breasts. I would love to wear some of these clothes but I'm afraid my breasts will make them seem awkward on me. Do you have any suggestions?

NY Spender said...

Awesome! I'm glad you like them.

You can definitely wear these pieces, just don't get them too skin tight.

Lean more towards knits that will softly hug your figure. Yes to the turtlenecks, no to the belts.

The dark colors are perfect as they will not accentuate your D cup.

Thanks for reading NY Spender :)