August 18, 2007

My "Lucky Brand Jeans" Handbag

I needed a new handbag, so I started looking at my usual suspects:

Coach (they are getting more expensive every day!)

Louis Vuitton (nah, I don't feel like spending so much)

Dooney & Bourke (I can't help but feel they cost way more than they should)

Guess (yuck! I wasn't really looking, it just snuck up on me)

Juicy Couture Leather Baby Fluffy (ha ha! nice name, but no thanks)

Marc Jacobs (maybe another time, if he lowers the price of his Marc collection)

Kooba (interesting)

Cole Haan (when I'm a bit older)

Chloe (I wish!).

And then I found it in the Lucky Brand Jeans section and I fell in love instantly.

It was everything I was looking for: Big but not Too Big - Soft Leather - Front Pockets - Great Rich Brown Color - Comfortable Strap.

And it cost less than any of the bags above (except, of course, for those things Guess keeps calling handbags).

Here it is:

Except mine is in leather and not suede. I couldn't find a picture for the leather one, maybe they're not selling it anymore. Even better.

Update: I found a picture!

Check them out if you need a good quality "casual" bag. Lucky Brand Jeans.


Anonymous said...

hey nice blog, I like the bag , it's stylish :)

NY Spender said...

Thank you!

Pret a Porter P said...

I have to admit Lucky makes some really nice bags.

Anonymous said...

hey NY Spender I just got hooked on Lucky Jeans Abbey Road patchwork bag!! LUV THIS Bag also saved $$$ cause i got it on sale at Macys w/20% off coupon. Im updating all my bags and clothes this year-Out w/the old in with the new! This bag is squishable and its lamb leather is lovely. ikeep taking it out of my closet and admiring it. I won't start using it til sometime next week.