August 6, 2007

Pick 5 Louis Vuitton Handbags

I guess I am on a Louis Vuitton roll here...

Last week I saw a show on TV about the most expensive celebrity's mansions.

One thing that left me with eyes and mouth wide open was Kimora Lee's closet, and I am not referring to the size of it, in fact the way I see it is "the bigger the better" and "good for you Kimora"!

The thing that shocked me (and I don't shock easily) was the number of Louis Vuitton bags in her closet. I've tried looking on the web for a picture of her closet to share with you, but I didn't find anything. So I tried to recreate the look to give you an idea:

Now picture a whole wall full of Louis Vuitton bags.

Why Kimora? Why? Have you talked to anybody about this problem of yours? Did a Louis Vuitton bag lock you in a closet when you were little and now that you can, you are taking revenge on ALL the Louis Vuitton bags that cross your way?

Did you apply at a Louis Vuitton store but didn't get the job? So now every time you have a free moment you take your girls up to your closet and you force them to play the "Louis Vuitton Store" game?

Do you feel the need to prove that you CAN buy all the Louis Vuitton bags ever made? Are you that insecure?

Do you realize that if you take a couple steps back from your Louis Vuitton corner and squint your eyes, they don't even look like bags anymore but a whole big blob of brown canvas and zippers and lockets?

Am I jealous you ask?

No... Yes. No... Maybe.

If I had your budget would I buy the whole Louis Vuitton store and put it in my closet?

Absolutely not. What would be the point?

I am not saying that if you have one you have them all, but if I would have to pick the perfect number of "monogram canvas" Louis Vuitton bags in a closet, I would pick 5. And I would make sure that each bag would differ from the others. Like this:

If Mr. Vuitton would have been alive and watching that show, I am sure he would have exclaimed: "Mon dieu, what tis wrong with tis femme?!?!"

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Anonymous said...

I want the speedy 30 priced at $685... I have been thinking about one on ebay. But I truly think one is enough! But it it really has to do with what you can afford... if you got it like Kimora why not?