September 4, 2007

Fall '07 Hair

It's time to give your hair a break from the sun/beach/pool/highlights, and to prepare it for the colder months. This season dark colors dominate the scene, not only on your wardrobe, but also on your head.

The perfect length this fall/winter is medium, and color is preferable to highlights.

Darker colors are in, but don't go too dark if your complexion is fair; stick to the chestnuts or the browns.

Of course you don't have to darken your hair if you don't want to. Just keep it free flowing like Fergie.

Another look of the season is the "Rock Chick"! Yeah!

Short and straight, and extremely defined.

And with emphasis on color!

Rihanna shows us one more trend of the season: bangs. Or fringes. Again, keep them very defined.

As a refreshing change, updos are less stiff than usual, and come up in messy buns, with locks gently framing the face.


eye4style said...

Carmen looks SO pretty as a brunette!

Anonymous said...

I find it extremely hilarious that all of the blondes I know are going brunette. As a natural brunette, I find it extremely humorus that they are so concerned with the "in" thing that they will dye their hair a completely different colour for three months so they don't look like ghosts...It's pathetic. Do something with your natural hair! Chang the style. Dyes ruin your natural colours.