September 13, 2007

Right Hand Ring

So my B-Day is coming up (yay!), and I've been looking for a special present for myself.

Something I have not bought myself in a while is a ring. A beautiful ring. A diamond ring, of course.

And since I'm just a girl, easily influenced by things that sparkle and well crafted TV commercials, I now want a right hand ring.

While I know that some of my existing rings can probably pass for right hand rings, and even some of my left hand rings wouldn't mind switching over to the other hand, that is not the point.

The point is going out there and buying myself my first right hand ring.

But what is really this right hand ring, and how does one not confuse it with a left hand ring?

I knew you were going to ask...

Well, in the words of the "advocates" of the right hand ring: "Your left hand lives for love. Your right hand lives for the moment".

Hmm. I like it. I want one.

Hold on, let me finish...

It symbolizes a powerful woman, an independent woman, a happy woman. A go getter. A woman that will do as she please and pamper herself with such a luxurious gift!

Yes! That's me! I'm so buying one!!!

And to top it off, this ring takes a stand against the "other" ring: a right hand ring won't let a big solitary diamond steal the scene, no sir, instead hundreds, thousands of small, little, sweet diamonds will embrace and caress your finger.

Thousands of diamonds!!! I need thousands of diamonds!



And how about those gorgeous stackable rings? Can they be considered right hand rings?

Oh yeah!

If you go to Tiffany's website, you can actually build your own stackable (right hand ring).

This is the one I built for myself:


few moments to dream...

These are the price tags for the stackable:

Hmm. I guess I'm not that powerful yet...


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Unknown said...

ooh i feel so enchanted nad dazed.. diamonds are beautiful aren't they? love your stack rings too...

by the way, i've just started a new blog and would love it if you could check it out sometime: - oh yea, i've linked you too :D