September 26, 2007

video disaster - j-lo "do it well"

We all know about the big fiasco that was Britney at the VMA this year.

But what's J-Lo excuse in her new video "Do it well"?

I'll give her that her body is better toned than Britney's and that she is dancing somewhat more in tune with the music. But that's where my empathy ends.

What's with the kicks, the uppercuts and the tough girl attitude while wearing maternity dresses throughout the video?

With the plot revolving around her trying to save a child from a club/dungeon filled with women-hamsters, closet-gays, and bald guys, and having NOTHING to do with the lyrics, I have to say subliminal messages these are not...

And when the little boy looked so terrorized when J-Lo burst the door open with such spiky heels, I almost shed a tear, as memories of Madonna's adoption techniques kept flashing in the back of my mind.

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