September 7, 2007

What Should I Wear to a Football Game?

Football season is upon us, and the same question starts popping up in every girl's mind:

What do I wear to the game???

The easy answer? Keep it simple and comfortable.

You certainly don't want to ruin such a fun experience by wearing high heels and/or a tight dress to a football game. Unless you're going to the game with one of the players, and need to be paparazzi-ready, there is no need for too much "glam".

The trick is to look great with your everyday clothes.

My suggestion: Jeans - Flats - a T-shirt - Sweater or Chunky Cardigan.

You will still look as pretty and as feminine as you want with a pair of flats. Wear your best-fitting pair of jeans. Add an extra cuteness factor by wearing something in your team color. This can be a t-shirt, a sweater, or a scarf in the colder months.

Remember to check the weather, and layer clothes on, so that you can add or remove pieces as needed. Also, you can bring a rain poncho, folded up in your bag, in case of rain.

For the colder months, I suggest you watch the game on TV, ideally from Kapalua Bay.

Oh, and if you really are going to see the game with one of the players... you can still wear your jeans, just spice it up a notch!


Heather in WI said...

LOL, I literally just googled this. Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

LMAO... I was thinking the same thing

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just found this through google too "What to wear to a football game indoor". Thanks for the advice I'm leaving for the Cardinals game in an hour ;)


Anonymous said...

Keep it simple stupid, right?
****glad I checked; so far, this is the only serious answer out there in the girly fashion world!
Tks for simple change: I will opt for a comfortable wedge shoe or casual new bootie below the jeans because I'm only 5"3" !

Pooja said...

hahah. i just googled "what should females wear to a nfl game."

this really does help!! i am heading to a cowboys game and want to look cute and not wear a jersey.

Anonymous said...

I'm a very girly girl,
But im a true Swansea City fan, i've been a season ticket holder since i was 4 and Im 13 now, but when you go to a football match i think you should wear somthing comfy beacuse no one cares what you look like, people go for the match not to meet people, I can beat you you will have people looking at you in a bad way if you go down in a top and jeans, you got to rap up warm even if its not cold out because you can garantee it will be cold by the 2nd half, I normaly wear my Swans top, jeans, trainers and swans hoodie and my hair is just up in a pony tail

Anonymous said...

sweetie, you're only thirteen, of course it'd be silly if you dressed up and I'm assuming you're not in a serious relationship or looking for guys. If you're like us you kinda need to look a little fancy :)

Anonymous said...

I am a real girly girl! I'm going on date to a football game. Grambing is playing on Saturday. I want to be simple but cute! I got the jeans and I'm wearing a really cute white fitted shirt-(not buttoning the last 2 buttons) I definiteky want to show a little of the abs not too much though. My concern in the shoes. I am NOT wearing sneakers or ballet flats! It is not me. I am considering an espadrille. HELP!

NY Spender said...

Hello Anonymous!
Sure, wear the espadrilles, they'll be fine. You could even go for ankle booties if you really don't want anything flat. Good luck on your date! :)