October 24, 2007

Is Your Hair Color Right for You?

I'm sure we all agree that not every hair color looks good on everybody.

For example, Jessica Alba does not look good as a blonde.

While she is stunning with darker hair.

One of the most beautiful women in the world,


loses that special something about her with the wrong hair color.

Jessica Simpson, instead, looks great as a blonde.

While not so great as a brunette.

Lindsay looks perfect in red,

very washed out as a blonde,

and great again with dark hair.

Rene' is not too happy with her dark hair,

and has learned that blonde is a better color for her.

It was fun for Reese to try the darker side of L'Oreal,

but to the Oscars she knows what's best for her.

Scarlett should stay away from excesses:

Too Dark

Too Light

Just Perfect.

Now it's time to look at yourself.

Do you know the best hair color for you? Are you not really sure? Have you been playing with many different colors, and now are just as confused as when you first started?

Try this: take out your photo albums.

If you're trying a new color, take a new picture of yourself and put it side-to-side with your older pictures.

Pictures will give you the hard facts without trying to soften up the truth (something a friend might do). A picture will let you look at yourself more objectively than when looking at yourself in the mirror. And it will be easier for you to analyze and criticize yourself, if necessary.

When I went, gradually but steadily, from brunette to blonde, some people loved it, some people hated it. I didn't have much of an opinion. I was enjoying the blonde phase and just cruising along.

Until I saw a picture of myself after the latest lighting round: I couldn't even look at it!

The next day I was in front of the hair salon's locked gates waiting for the owner to come and open the store. Two hours later, my hair was back to its natural dark color, which happens to be the best hair color for me. I guess I like to learn the hard way.

So now every time I get the itch to color my hair, to lighten it up a little (that's how it usually begins...), all I have to do is pull out that horrible picture, look at it for 3 seconds (more than that would scar me forever!) and remind myself that I am already wearing the color that flatters me the most.


Anonymous said...

great post. loved all the comparing n contrasting of hair color on ppl!

Lola said...

I loved the celebrity pics! Keep up the great blog!

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