October 19, 2007

Must Have - Sweater Dress

A must have this colder season is the sweater dress.

There is a sweater dress out there for everybody: long, short, tight or loose fitting, with a cowl neck or with a v-neck, made of big heavy knit or of lighter jersey.

Here are some of my favorite finds from the Internet:

Remember to accessorize accordingly. Pair the sweater dress with colored tights and ankle boots for the look of the moment. And if you don't want to look too 80s, wear the dress with tights and a nice pair of shoes.


Alison at Wardrobe Oxygen said...

I am loving sweater dresses right now as well! Got that Gap one but it didn't work on my petite frame. But I am off to check out that off the shoulder one - just may have to have it!!! :-)

NY Spender said...

Good Luck Allie. May this next one fit you perfectly. :)

Anonymous said...

hello :D i just stumbled onto your blog today and i must say, wow! how refreshing it is to see a fashion blog with affordable clothes that are still gorgeous! i think sweater dresses are the sexiest things ever! great blog!

NY Spender said...

Welcome Kara! :)

Thank you very much!

I am loving the sweater dresses too. I'm trying real hard not to buy too many, but it's October and I've already bought 3!!! They are great, easy to wear and like you've said, sexy! You can't beat that! ;)

Anonymous said...

I just invested in a White & Warren cashmere sweater dress in chocloate brown with a back zipper. I was checking to see how to wear it.. boots tights, ect. Looks like you can go several ways with it. Thanks for the tips.