October 30, 2007

Winter Coats 2007

My coat has to be comfortable, has to keep me warm, has to look good and be reasonably priced.

That's why this gorgeous Violet trench is out of the question.

Carolina Herrera Violet Trench $4,290.00

If you can afford it, that's great, then I'll suggest you also pick up this beautiful red coat by Valentino.

For the rest of us, still trying to find a good deal, and not too inclined on spending small fortunes on any one piece of clothing, these are some interesting options:

This one is not really affordable, but I like it.

And for something "younger"

Mohair Sweater Coat $178.00

And don't throw away your old coats... How about you help someone else stay warm this winter?
Donate at One Warm Coat :)

1 comment:

Karen said...

I'm usually a solid color coat girl, but I'm weirdly moved by that houndstooth pattern coat.