November 11, 2007

Cocktail Rings

The holidays are almost here, which means plenty of family and friends parties to go to.

And what's rule number one when you are invited to a party? That's right! Don't show up empty-handed!

Nice girl that I am, I scouted the market and picked some nice cocktail rings for your pretty fingers! :)

Now, I am not a fan of imitation or fake jewelry, but when it comes to cocktail rings, I'll close one eye and understand that to buy a real precious stone in the size these rings come in, it's truly expensive. Like this beautiful citrine ring

Citrine Ring $3,375

Why spend so much when we can have this pretty ruby ring from

Ruby CZ Ring $119

Or any of the following rings from for a much more affordable price.

Amethyst Cocktail Ring $195

Just don't go "too cheap". With stones this big, it's very easy to notice flaws and fakes. If you buy something of decent quality, you won't have to tell anybody that it's not a real stone, but if you buy something cheap, be prepared to answer questions about your new "plastic" ring.

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