November 28, 2007

Narciso Rodriguez Musc for Her

It's time to start making your wish list! I love making lists in general, but nothing comes close to the excitement associated with wish lists.

My first item is something that smells so good: Musk!

And this year I would like it in this bottle from Narciso Rodriguez.

The only problem with this bottle is that it costs $150!

Fortunately, there are cheaper versions for girls like us not swimming in money:

The Eau de Perfum costs $72

And the Eau de Toilette costs $62.

The three smell somewhat different from each other, so try them all on before you buy and pick the one that smells best on you.

But musk doesn't have to be expensive, these below are much more affordable musks that smell great as well:

Kiehl's Original Musk Oil $22

White Musk from the Body Shop $22

And lastly, Alyssa Ashley's White Musk $25.


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