December 15, 2007

Juicy Couture Gift Ideas

I know I've abused Juicy Couture in the past, and I am sure I will again sometime in the future, but since this is the season to be "nice", I will put aside my poisoned pen and show you some adorable items from their collection. Great gift ideas, too.

Their bags are not everyday bags, at least not the ones I will show you here, but they are very cute and different from the "usual" bags out there. Then again, if you give one of these handbags to a teenager, it will definitely become her every day bag...

Daydreamer Velour Bag $195

Baby Fluffy Velour Bag $185

Baby Fluffy Ring Bling Bag $185

Velour is still king in their accessories as well.

Cosmetic Organizer $115

Small Zip-Top Pouch $45

And for a different taste of Juicy, how about giving a pretty pink hat?

Preppy Couture Hat $55

Or a candy pink pair of mittens?

Live for Sugar Mittens $65

Rhinestone Compact Umbrella $55

I guess this brand is not so bad after all... One thing is for sure, as long as they keep using pink in their collections, I will always keep an eye on them.


SUSAN KEMP said...

This is a good post!
Thanks for sharing the information :)
It is very useful!

joyce. said...

I have the first bag! And I'm actually trying to sell it!