December 17, 2007

Moncler Down Jackets and Coats

From a ski and recreation sports clothing line in the 70s, Moncler became the uniform and the most sought-after, not to mention most expensive item, of the young Italian fashion craze of the 80s.

The first paninari (that's how the people that followed this specific fashion were called) started appearing around 1983, in Milan, and they were all about wearing only the best (and most expensive) brands on the market.

Soon enough all the kids in Italy wanted, amongst many other brands, Timberland Boots, Levi's Jeans, and Moncler Down Jackets.

Of course, I couldn't resist the call of fashion, and at 14 years old I was able to convince my father to buy me a pair of Timberland shoes that were so expensive (at least for the small town I was from) that all my neighbors knew about them.

But I never got my hands on a Moncler down jacket. It was just way too expensive! I bought the Levi's, the Naj-Oleari, the Best Company... but the Moncler escaped me.

And when in the late 80s, the paninari started disappearing, the Moncler's glory dwindled down with them.

But such a good product could never die completely, and now in 2007 Moncler is sailing upwind once again.

I visited their website "Moncler" and found many interesting jackets and coats,

but with prices starting around $900 I still can't afford them!


Colleen said...

booo. booo. i just discovered your blog a few weeks and was really enjoying it. It's entertaining and really helpful too. Really! But now i see you promote fur. :-( I used to wear fur a few years ago but I reconsidered and I don't anymore. Maybe you can reconsider too.

NY Spender said...

Oh no! Please don't feel this way. I don't promote fur, and I've always had very mixed feelings about it. Maybe, just like you, one day I will be completely against it. I don't own any fur... I think that's a good sign :)

Anonymous said...

Get mens Moncler down jackets and coats at Limited supply : )

Anonymous said...

does anyone know if the Moncler down (bubble) boots boast the same kind of warmth as their coats?

Anonymous said...

wheree can u buy moncler downcoats for cheap?

Anonymous said...

To: anonymous:/
I too am wondering about the warmth of the bubble boots.
Have you learned anything?

TwistedGinger said...

I have the Moncler down-filled bubble boots and I absolutely LOVE them! They keep your legs warm and toasty. The leather boot, has so far, kept my feet dry while walking in the snow and slush. Traction is pretty decent. Hope this helps! =)

Anonymous said...

thanks for your help twisted ginger; is the foot part warm--my toes are what get cold!

Ahimsa said...

I don't understand why designers continue to use fur with so many innovative ways and endless possibilites out there to be cruelty-free. It takes many animals lives to create one single fur coat and if you are going to wear one, you should first check out for yourself the horrible cruelty behind it. Its totally horrendous and see it for yourself on a youtue video. PLEASE SAY NO TO FUR!!!