December 18, 2007

Reader's Question: Winter Fashion in New York

Hello NY $pender,
I am hoping you can offer me some winter fashion assistance. I stumbled across your blog while searching what types of boots, sweater, coats, etc to wear while in New York. My sister and I will be visiting New York in January to celebrate her 30th birthday. We are from California and I am typically complaining when the weather drops in to the low 50. I keep hearing that I should go for warmth rather than fashion and that I should stay away from high heel boots. Do most New Yorkers wear high heel boots during winter? What is the hot fashion trend at the moment in New York? Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated.
Fremont, CA

Hi Sandra,

One thing that's great about New York is that you can wear anything you want, and nobody will care. With that said, girls like us like to care, and look fashionable even in inclement weather, if possible.

I absolutely wear my high heel boots all winter long. I have many pairs, and I wear them all. Except in the snow. When it snows you just have to take the snow boots out.

You live in California so I don't know if you own a pair of snow boots, but considering the fact that you will come to New York in January, there is a good chance you will get some snow. So, depending on how long you will be visiting, you might want to buy a pair. If, on the other hand, you will only stay a couple of days and don't want to spend money on the boots, you can get away with sneakers or maybe boots with a thicker heel. Even better, don't buy them, come visit, and if you get any snow just buy a pair here. You will find a pair of Timberland in every other shoe store.

The coats you see on the street are down coats, shearling coats, wool coats, etc... anything that will keep you warm. Darker colors are more common. Coupled with gloves, hats and scarves.

I would suggest you dress as warm as you can, even looking a little "less" fashionable if you do any sight-seeing, and anytime you will be walking outside for long periods of time. If you don't like anything below the 50s (me neither!), then you definitely want to bundle up. And don't worry too much about what you look like, because when it's 25 degrees outside, and it's windy or raining or snowing, nobody really stops to look at you twice, but everyone pretty much hurries up to get to a warmer place.

You can save the fabulousness for the evenings, when you girls will go to a nice restaurant or to a club or anywhere else that's indoors. This is when you can leave the snow boots behind and wear dresses, skirts and high heels. Most indoor places will have heat, high heat at that, so you can wear lighter clothes when you go out at night. Just make sure you have a warm enough coat to protect you from the shifts in temperature from indoor to outdoor, and use a taxi cab instead of walking back to the hotel.

Other fashion staples you see in New York these days are warm tights, knit sweaters, sweater dresses, puffer jackets and jeans, of course.

Have fun!

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