December 3, 2007

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

If you have nothing else better to do tomorrow night, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is on CBS. Watch it for fun. It'll definitely be entertaining.

Just don't try to get lingerie ideas from it, unless you think you could wear this under a t-shirt:

Or that you could tuck this inside your jeans:

But if you already own a pair of Victoria's famous fluffy wings, this year you must get their newest useless accessory: the sparkling peacock tail!

Or this seasonal piece, a great incentive for your husband/boyfriend/cute neighbor to help you decorate the Christmas tree.

And don't miss Heidi sharing with us her tips to get Seal in the mood: music and specific directions.

Man, if I had to spell it out like that... I don't think I would be interested anymore...

But who am I kidding, the only reason worth watching the show is to see some other girls...

what was their name again...?

The Spice Girls!

Except now they all look so different and they are all dressed up, and it's hard to remember (distinguish) who's who.

A re-naming is definitely in order:

And please, nobody tells Mrs. Beckham that the show is not about her secret!


Sassy said...

heheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! You're fabulously hilarious!!! Your blog is fabulous. great job :-)

NY Spender said...

Thank you, Sassy, glad you enjoy it! :)