January 18, 2008

What to do when your hair doesn't co-operate?

There is no doubt about a "bad hair day" ruining your day, your outfit, your mood and so on.

Unfortunately, right now I'm having some sort of "bad hair season". I am not sure when it started, but now I feel like it's been going for too long. And I need to do something about it.

Hair is vital when it comes to a woman's image, and it speaks volumes (no pun intended) about her.

What does my hair say about me right now?

I would like to think that it says that I am such a busy person that I have not had the time to go get a much needed haircut. Other people, instead, can look at it and just think that it's shapeless.

I would also like to think that it says that even though it looks a bit dry, it is because of the weather and because it's naturally fine. Everyone else, of course, will think that I dye my hair too much.

And finally, I would like to think that people understand that the present one is not my favorite hair color, and even though I don't like it, I want to wait before I re-color it, so I am kind of in between colors. Other people will just see a dull and unflattering color.

When it comes to image, a lot of us tend to rationalize our own shortcomings, which in a way is good because it helps us live with them. But anybody meeting you for the first time is not going to try and come up with reasons or excuses as why you left the house with rolls in your head, or why your hair is so frizzy today. They are going to look at you and think "what is wrong with her hair?".

Now I am not saying that you always have to look presentable in order to satisfy the public eye. What I am saying is that, if you care about your image and about the way you look (which you probably do since you're reading this blog), then you should give extra attention to your hair, especially if it needs it.

So, as part of my resolutions to take better care of myself, I've decided to really try to take better care of my hair. No more picking shampoos based just on their smell but looking for the best quality I can afford. And sticking to it. Which it will mean some trial and error, but at least I will be taking the first steps in the right direction.

And before you say that more expensive doesn't necessarily mean better, I know, from my experience, that cheap is definitely never good anyway.

I love the smell of coconut on my hair, for example, and I've tried many different brands of coconut-scented shampoos with different results. I got the worst results from the cheapest one I tried, Suave. It smelled like coconut alright, but after only a week of using it, my hair started falling off. No joke. The best one I've used is by Organix, it smells terrific, it's not expensive (about $7.00), and my hair stays put.

With this said, I still needed to find better products for it, so today I stopped by Sephora and picked up two new products, a Forticea stimulating shampoo for thin hair, and a full volume Fekkai conditioner.

And if I am not satisfied with the results, I'll go back and try some other ones. I might even start a checklist and try them all. And if at the end of the day my hair still looks bad, at least I can say that I tried.


Anonymous said...

I think that randomly choosing products until you find what's good for your hair is the wrong (and expensive) way to go about it. Ask your hairdresser, somebody who knows your hair, what they recommend and then try that. That will definitely narrow things down for you, and you won't spend money on random products that don't work. Just my advice.

NY Spender said...

anonymous, thank you for your wise words.

I was kidding of course, but at the same time I have to admit that I am into checklists and trying everything under the sun.

The shampoo I just bought I had sampled it before and liked it, so that was easy.

As for hairdresser's advice, hmm, I've had one that swore by Kerastase, and the next one by Nexxus. I've tried both products line and I was not impressed.

What I really meant on my post is that Sephora carries a few different hair lines that I have not tried yet (Oscar Blandi, Ojon, etc...) and I would definitely like to give them a try. I am, after all, an equal opportunity spender! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, hairdresser advice can be tricky. Mine recommended Bumble and Bumble at first (they sold it at the salon so of course that's what they recommend!) but said he did like Pantene too and basically told me I'd be ok with anything that specifically said it was ok for color-treated hair (since I dye mine). I was using Matrix for a long time because it always got rave reviews in Glamour, but I recently found an Olive Oil shampoo and conditioner at Costco that I really like!

I've also figured out that moisture products work better with my fine, straight hair than body products because it looks nice when it's smooth, while the body products make it a little too frizzy. I use the Aussie 3 minute miracle once or twice a week because the Matrix stuff didn't make my hair look as smooth.

Dee said...

Right now I'm liking Dove shampoo very much. Before that, I liked (and still very much do) Herbal Essences.. They're by far the best shampoos I ever tried.

eeps. said...

please post on your thoughts about the stimulating shampoo for thin hair. i have very fine, thin hair as well and volumizers simply don't work.

NY Spender said...

Hi Dee,
I remember when a lot of people were upset about herbal essences changing their looks and eliminating some of their products. Which ones do you use? And Dove, I have to say I was looking at it yesterday and wondering if it was worth it giving it a try, and now that you say that you like it, I will pick up a bottle next time (I always have a couple of different shampoos and conditioners in the bathroom).

NY Spender said...

Hi eeps,
I will definitely do. I'll give it a couple of weeks, and then I'll post about it. I'm with you, nothing has ever worked yet. :(

Jeni said...

I just finished writing about having a bad hair day that never ends on my blog, and then I saw this post of yours! I've been having a bad hair day since 2007! Now I look back fondly to when I was having bad hair days before that, but it was because I had too much hair at the time, not too little.