January 13, 2008

Katie Holmes' Bob Haircut

It looks like Katie is finally coming around and starting to shine on her own. I particularly love her new hairstyle, and I am happy that she didn't stick with Victoria's bob for too long.

This style is very versatile, with bangs thick and long enough to be worn to the side. And with ends that look good flipped either in or out Katie is able to pull off many different looks with little effort.

If you are thinking about getting a new haircut, and your hair is healthy and thick, you should definitely consider this beautiful hairstyle.


Anonymous said...

This haircut brings to mind Rene Russo's style in "The Thomas Crown Affair." If I ever decide to choppp off my locks I will definitely consider this attractive style.

Anonymous said...

I like the first pic...I'm not a fan of the overall style though because when it all sort of hangs down and curls under, it looks kind of like a wig to me. Does anyone else think so? But then again - I was thinking of growing out my bangs and going for a bob again after a long time of many layers so maybe I'm just trying to justify myself. ;P I was going to do it until I read that the no-bangs bob isn't in style anymore. :'( hehe

NY Spender said...

Same here Megan, my bangs are growing out, and I'm not liking the overall look, so I'm thinking about getting bangs again.