January 27, 2008

reader's question - what do i wear with...?

Black and white (checkered herringbone?) cropped pants. Haven't worn them yet. I'm figuring I'll wear them with black boots now and maybe black flats when it warms up....what else could I wear with them (on top or as shoes) besides black and white?

The first look that comes to mind for these pants is a classic one. I would wear them with a white turtleneck and, to spice up the outfit, with metallic gold flats.

Red on top would work, as well as gray, and even pink.

Black boots are perfect, too. But you can also try red pumps when you wear a red sweater/turtleneck/shirt with it.

White pants with black and tan pinstripes (normal straight legs). I normally wear these with black on top - what other colors could I put with this? I always end up thinking the black and tan pinstripes don't BOTH go with ideas I have for tops.

White on top and the gold flats from above would rock this outfit. You could also wear them with a tan top.

Brown wool sweater with baggy, elbow-length sleeves and a hood. How do I wear this without looking like a monk?? I wore it with a tan camisole once but the v neck kept slipping up so it looked like I wasn't wearing anything underneath. I want to be able to wear something underneath so I can wear it now when it's cold.

If you don't want to look like a monk in it, make it a bit sexy by showing some skin. Wear it with 3/4 sleeves cotton/spandex
(so it stays in place underneath the sweater) v-neck top. As for color I would stick with a lighter brown, or a dark purple, but not tan.

Navy and white silk top. (The beginning of a few Proenza Schouler for Target things.) Haven't worn it yet. Anything I can do to make this wearable anytime besides the middle of summer? What colors can I wear with this for pants/skirts?

I would wear this with navy cotton cropped pants or with jeans, or with white pants, or with a navy pencil skirt. Especially in the summer you can be more aggressive with colors, and if yellow looks good on you, you could wear this top with the navy pants and yellow accessories (shoes and handbag). Or, with yellow pants and navy accessories. Or, with the navy skirt and red accessories (red string sandals). I wouldn't wear it in the winter, not if you have to wear something underneath it. I have a few tops similar to this one, and they wait in the closet until summer comes around. If you can handle the cold, wear it with a blazer on top.

Gray and cream skirt (PS for Target). This one has me way stuck for shoes and tops....I think I've worn it once and I can't even remember what with. :/

If it's a winter skirt, wear it with a cream turtleneck, cream tights, a pair of cream ankle boots or knee-high boots, for a winter wonderland look. Or, use a splash of color, and wear a gray top, gray tights and purple suede pumps. If you can wear it year round, in the summer wear it with cream espadrilles, and all kinds of colored tops.

Scarves - Navy, grape, white silk (PS for Target) and shades of
blue and white silk (Coach). All I've worn these with is white, I
think. Any other color suggestions they would go with?

They both would look good with navy and pink.

Oh! I forgot to take a picture of one last thing - a pair of fake suede knee high boots. They're advertised as 'white' but they're more of a sand color. What colors would they be nice with?

Brown, beige, white and maybe black.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tips. My shopping list will include a white turtleneck, gold flats, and maybe some navy cropped pants. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's great. Personal shopping over the internet :)

Anonymous said...

I found a nice white turtleneck at Nordstrom Rack (who knew how hard it is to find a truely white turtleneck?) and some gold flats on sale at Ann Taylor Loft - less than $30 for both! I'm excited for all the outfits choices I have from that! :) Thanks again!

NY Spender said...

I'm glad you found what you were looking for! :)