January 7, 2008

Spring Floral Dresses

If you are already sick of Winter (like me) and are starting to day-dream about sunny days and Spring fashion, let me give you an idea of what to look out for. A pretty floral dress.

Seems easy, but it's not.

Finding the right floral print takes a bit of work, because most of the florals out there look ugly and cheap.

This print by Blumarine is an example of my ideal floral print (even though the price is not very ideal). A pastel background with tasteful dashes of brighter colors. Just like one of my favorite paintings (more about this below).

Blumarine St. Barth's Floral Tunic $1,070

This dress by Diane von Furstenberg is a refreshing change from her jersey dresses. Here the colors are not very defined, and bleed into each other, for a watercolor effect.

Diane von Furstenberg Bow Shoulder Dress $575

More successful examples by Catherine Malandrino.

Catherine Malandrino Chiffon Floral Trapeze Dress $295

And by Vera Wang.

Vera Wang Silk Shift Dress $480

If you notice, all these dresses have one thing in common that keeps the floral prints as delicate as they are. The absence of the color black.

The minute you introduce black in a floral pattern you lose the delicacy and the ethereal feel we're aiming for.

Guess Michelle Dress $98

To sum up, when you are searching through the racks, think Monet (he never used black)

and not Mirรณ.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the advice! The Vera Wang dress is my favorite. I'm ready for winter to be over :)

Anonymous said...

Aww I love that Malandrino dress! I'm also excited for Spring but it'll be a long way off...to get me through, I just have to focus on how much I love my boots that I won't wear so much after winter.