February 15, 2008

Mac Makeup - Love or Addiction?

It's amazing to see how many girls are so loyal to MAC's makeup line, to the point of being a bit fanatical. I have, in fact, more than one friend that swears by MAC and that wouldn't care if all the other makeup lines disappeared from the face of the earth first thing tomorrow morning.
Add to that all of MAC-only makeup blogs on the Internet, and it becomes harder and harder to ignore people's love for MAC.

I can be very passionate about certain products as well, so I can almost understand this "excessive" love for Mac.

I've used MAC products on occasion, but I guess I've never gotten "hooked".

But after reading so many beauty blogs and speaking to a friend of mine that owns about 20 different MAC eye shadows because she "loves them!", I decided to buy my new eye shadow from MAC (instead of getting my usual from Urban Decay).

After using it for about a month I was not happy with the results.

Maybe because of the fact that I don't wear an eye shadow base, this MAC eye shadow never makes it more than a couple of hours on my eyes, while my previous eye shadow made it through an entire work day without too much effort.

Obviously, I was a bit put off by the weak eye shadow, but I blamed the bad results mostly on my lack of makeup skills.

Until I had a "MAC conversation" with two makeup artists...

They both hated the hype of this line. They didn't think MAC products were anything special. And when I mentioned the incredible range of colors, one of them added "their colors are good for you if you are a transvestite".

Mon Dieu! I couldn't believe my ears!

So, now I do believe there is a certain amount of fanaticism about this line. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

What's freaky is that another brand with "fanatics and loyal followers" is a brand by the same name: MAC (computers).

Weird isn't it?


Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

I think it's the price. It's a little better than drugstore products, but not as expensive as the other higher end cosmetics line. Which makes it affordable for a lot of young girls, as well, who are just starting to get into make-up which develops loyalty from the consumers at an early age. Also, their big range of colors suits almost everybody.

Just my opinion...

Anonymous said...

I purchased a MAC lipstick for $50.00. It was my first time shopping at MAC. Not only am I not impressed with this grossly over priced product, I feel foolish following spending $50 for a single lipstick when there are brands around that are similiarly effective or even better and far less costly. After my purchase, I began receiving ravishing brochures of high quality advertising their products. The brochures touting their make up are extremely well made. I realized why their products are so expensive. The money I spent was on the advertising, not the substance of the product. Bye bye MAC.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, as for Mac, I mostly use just their nail polish and I like it a lot, wears well. I always get lots of compliments on the colors too, although I tend towards the traditional colors.

As for the "other" Mac - I LOVE my MacBook Pro! Apple bent over backwards with fantastic customer service when I had computer problems recently and I truly appreciate that in a company.

NY Spender said...

Thank you for sharing your opinion, live fabulously. :)

NY Spender said...

anonymous, I didn't even know there was a $50 MAC lipstick. Why did you buy it???

NY Spender said...

Ooops, sorry Daisy, I missed your name there for a sec and called you anonymous. :(

NY Spender said...

I still have to meet a MAC computer owner that doesn't worship his/her MAC. :)

That's why I think I am afraid of buying one, because I have to work with PCs and I can't afford to hate them just yet! lol

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why I bought it. There was no price marked on the lipstick and I was too surprised to say "I don't want it." to the cashier when I found out the cost. Their brochures are decorative to place on the coffee table.


NY Spender said...

Dear Daisy,

take notes, please.

Next time something like that happens again to you, you can either:

a) act outraged "are you kidding me? $50? I don't want it anymore! (it's ok to say it, really)

b) act amused "you're jocking right?" and when they respond to you that they're not, move back to point a

c) hand five dollars to the cashier and stand there waiting for your change... when she tells you that it's not five but fifty dollars, hesitate a moment, and continue with point a

d) act crazy and start laughing your heart out. Continue laughing while you put the lipstick back down on the counter, and start pushing it towards the cashier, while shaking your head "no, no, no" Then look panicky and traumatized "last time I did something like this, my husband locked me out of the house until I returned the expensive item back to the store". If you can, fake tears.

I am sure you can come up with an even more original repertoire... ;)

Anonymous said...

Theres no such thing as a 50 dollar lipstick from mac

They cost 15

Anonymous said...

My mom and sister went shopping at the mall. While they were in Dillard's my sis told her she was going to check out MAC (as in Apple Store).
My mom is not into computers so she thought my sister was talking about the MAC counter. Mom couldn't find her (they don't own cell phones), even had security looking for her. Finally, mom decided to look around the mall, she finally found my sister in the Apple Store.

Anonymous said...

As a makeup artist, i find the comment that mac is great only if you are a "transvestite" very small-minded. And for that matter...it takes a great deal of creativity and imagination to be a makup artist. It is NOT something that anyone can just wake up one day and do. Mac fosters that creativity...and supports it. There ARE phenomenal products from MANY makeup brands that are crucial to an artist's kit...and MAC produces many of those. It has been my experience in this industry that when there is this much hatred being directed at a company like MAC...that there is something deeper behind it. An "objective" if you will.
also, MAC has NEVER made lipsticks that cost $50 dollars. EVER. Mac lipsticks are 14.50 and prior to that, they were 14. Typically, if there is a price increase..it is by fifty cent at a time.
i suggest that people experience things for themselves instead of reading retarded amounts of mis-information online and just believing everything they read.
try it yourself...i promise that you won't turn into a transvestite. i mean really...what kind of idiot would even believe that comment? haters.

NY Spender said...

Dear Anonymous,

the transvestite comment did come from a makeup artist.

And I believe people have a right to their own opinion.

There are tons of blogs out there that have nothing but great things to say about MAC, so is it so hard to accept one that doesn't fully agree?

Do we all HAVE TO love MAC?

Plus, while I like MAC and I buy makeup there, I would never reproduce any of the makeup that the girls that work there wear, because it's just too excessive and loud. And that's probably why those comments about transvestite makeup are born...