February 24, 2008

Nine West Shoes

You can get indignant over the extreme similarity of Nine West's shoes to top designers ones. Or you can save yourself about $700 a pair. The choice is yours.


Jennifer said...

It is amazing how similar the pink loubies are to the nine west ones! They even carry over similarities (nine west) in their handbag selections!
Great post!

Anonymous said...

God I love those Gucci heels...those were also in your gold post, right? I'm always drawn to admire them for a minute everytime I check your blog. If I had them, I don't think I'd even wear them - I'd just look at them lovingly and sigh happily. ;)

NY Spender said...

Megan, good catch! They are the same shoes, and I love them! That's why when I saw something a bit too similar I had to blog about it. :)
I think if I owned them I would find a way to parade them (but I would have to buy self-tanner at least for the legs!!!) lol