February 25, 2008

The Oscars 2008 Fashion

Yes, I watched the Oscars last night, and yes I got emotional at a few acceptance speeches (I'm sorry, I can't help it!).

But some of the tears were also shed at the lack of anything "Wow!" on the red carpet...

Shall we?






The only excitement came from the fact that all the "big winners" were not expecting to win, and you know this because they were all dressed horribly!

This year was, in fact, the year of: "If I knew I was going to win, I would have dressed better!"

Tilda Swinton

Very interesting woman, but a little too obsessed with George Clooney, and I guess this was her tribute to his Batman.

Diablo Cody

Nominated or not, who wears this to the Oscars?

The only way you can wear something like this and pull it off, is if you're cool and unapologetic about it. Well, Diablo was not.

Partly, I blame Jon Stewart. He made sure, right at the beginning of the night, that everybody knew that Diablo used to be a stripper.You gotta love Jon!

So when Diablo won, on the way up to the podium, she kept trying to cover her legs that kept popping out of the dress. And during her speech, she looked so uncomfortable, as if she had finally realized she was at the Oscars and not at a Playboy party.

Marion Cotillard

I had very mixed feelings about this fish, ahem, I mean dress...

When I first noticed it at the beginning of the night I didn't like it, even though I really love the Little Mermaid!

Even after finding out it was a Jean Paul Gaultier (who else?!), I still couldn't appreciate it.

But as the night went on, the dress kind of grew on me, especially considering no one else was wearing anything remotely interesting.

After Marion won her award, and her speech got me all teary, I finally decided that the dress was not so bad after all, and that she had been able to carry it off well.

Lastly, Kimora. Ah, Kimora!

She kept chastising everybody for wearing black and being boring!!! Somebody get her a mirror, please...

And her answer to any gown was "more jewelry, more jewelry!" At least she had that one down!

Kimora is 32 years old, yet she wore something that my grandmother would wear to the Oscars.

What happened Kimora?

Are you pregnant? Or just getting chubby?


Anonymous said...

Kimora IS the QUEEN of Bling and she wears it oh so well. Folks love to hate on this gal for no reason at all. She looked classy in that black dress. I think she just suprises people when she dresses conservatively. Her hair and make-up were flawless. Simply FABULOUS!

NY Spender said...

It's ok to love her...

But why not stand completely behind her, and put your name where your heart stands, anonymous?

Hmmm, maybe unconsciously, you are embarrassed by the fact that you love her... ;)

Something to think about.

Daisy said...

I thought Daniel Day-Lewis was seriously handsome and dashing in his tux, which had a contemporary flair. He sent up his ultra serious "tortured artiste" image by playfully kneeling before Helen Mirren, "The Queen" herself, in receiving his well deserved Oscar as Daniel Plainview in "There Will Be Blood." I must purchase the DVD asap.


Daisy said...

I've always felt Tilda Swinton is a striking woman who does not adhere to conventional notions of attractiveness. In this vein the black velvet number suits her fine.


Daisy said...

Lovely deep red gown, Lovely Anne Hathaway.


NY Spender said...


I've always liked Daniel Day-Lewis, I want to see the movie, too. And "No Country for Old Men".

You're right about Tilda. So not conventional. She makes Cate Blanchett look normal (I love Cate).

Anne, hmmm, I've never really got into her. Then again, I don't think I've ever watched a movie with her in it.

Live Fabulously said...

"are you pregnant or just getting chubby?" <= LOL!!!

addicted said...

diablo did look so uncomfortable while accepting her award, it totally reminded me of juno. i wonder if the movie is based on her own life??

Daisy said...

Anne Hathaway was one of the tragic wives on "Brokeback Mountain" (Rest in peace, Heath Ledger, whose performance in the same film was heartbreaking. I felt he deserved the Oscar) You can also enjoy her work in "The Devil Wears Prada."

Delphine said...

I totally agree with you, the red carpet was so boring I didn't even watch the show!

Megan said...

I really liked the way Heidi Klum looked. I also have to say I liked Diablo Cody's look - she stayed true to her look and style while still looking slightly more elegant than usual. I loved the sheer part over the dress. I also liked Marion Cotillard's dress - as soon as I saw it, I thought 'that dress looks like a fish!' but I still loved it. ;D

Megan said...

Oh and - I just don't get Renee Zellweger (sp?). She irks me. :P

NY Spender said...


I started watching Brokeback Mountain but only got to see half of it. Never made it to the part where the wives showed up. I gotta rent it again (especially for Heath).

NY Spender said...

live fabulously,
right after I published this post I got curious and googled it and it looks like she might really be pregnant! If so, this is the second time I called it right (J-Lo the other one)... maybe I should start a psy-chic blog... lol

NY Spender said...

Hi delphine! :) Long time no see...

NY Spender said...

addicted, it could very well be.

NY Spender said...

Hi Megan,
I used to like Renee, but she is getting weird. :(
I still have to do your meme...

Megan said...

Yeah I liked her after the first Bridget Jones movie but it wasn't long after that she started weirding me out.

Don't worry about the meme if you don't want to do it! I know it's been done a few times before and I don't want to annoy people by giving them work to do. ;P