March 30, 2008

bikini club - week 1

Here is your first drill:

The main concern for this first week is to eliminate, at least for the first six days, sweets. I don't mean all kind of sweets, you can still have sugar in your coffee, but no more cookies, cakes, ice cream, donuts or anything that packs empty calories.

You will be able to have something at the end of the week, on Sunday.

If you go out to restaurants, you won't need to restrict yourself on any other dishes. Just skip dessert.

Sodas are allowed for now, but will be restricted soon, and since this is one of my weakness, and I understand the "addictive" factor, we will wean ourselves off slowly. With this in mind, this week try to diminish the amount you drink by half. If, for example, you drink two cans a day, drink one. If you only drink one can a day, drink half. If you drink diet soda, you will also follow these rules, as we need all sodas out.

We will need to start exercising regularly. As we are all different, and I don't want anybody to get hurt, we will start with only 10 minutes per day. But if you feel like you can do more, please work out 20 minutes per day. If the days I've picked on the schedule are not good for you, you can switch them around, just leave at least one day in between workouts, and exercise three days this week.

Always start by running in place for 5 minutes to warm-up.

Then stretch out for at least 5 minutes before you begin working out.
Here are some stretching poses from the Mayo clinic.

Remember to stretch your back (upper and lower), your sides, your buttocks, your calves, your hamstrings, your arms, your chest and your neck.

As for the 10 minutes of exercise, we can discuss in the comments what you have done in the past (yoga, aerobics, strength training, running, walking, pilates, tae-bo...) and we'll take it from there. Whatever it is, it will need to raise your heart rate and make you sweat.

In the beauty department, we will need to exfoliate our bodies to shed all the winter skin off.

Start the first day with a once-over. While you shower, take 5 extra minutes, or even more, and cover your whole body with a scrub, and then scrub it! If you don't have a scrub product, you can get one at any drugstore. I like this one from St. Ives. You can even make your own scrub at home with brown sugar and honey.

The next time, you'll concentrate on your feet. So spend 10 relaxing minutes scrubbing and massaging your feet.

The last beauty day we will target those areas that need it the most: elbows and knees, and once more, the feet.

And this concludes our first drill.

Lila, JustLo, Lil, Kim, Katy, Dee and Sunflower welcome aboard!

Please post in the comments:

1. Your main goal
2. Your main weakness
3. The type of exercise you will be doing

And new participants are always welcome. :)


Anonymous said...

1. Your main goal:
To tone up and eat more healthfully

2. Your main weakness:
Loss of focus, carbs :(

3. The type of exercise you will be doing:
Tuesday: a little strength training
Thursday: Power Yoga
Sunday: 20 min run

Anonymous said...

Main goal: To tone up and feel comfortable in a bikini. I've always been more of a one-piece girl (cute one-pieces mind you!) but I'd love to actually feel comfortable in a bikini.

Main weakness: Oh man, do I really have to eliminate diet coke??? That's going to be a major problem!

Exercise: Definitely yoga and pilates. Running if I can talk myself into it.

Dee said...

Main goal: Tone up, lose a bit of cellulite (I understand that it doesn't disappear completely), and have a healthier diet.

Main weakness: Cheese, and everything fried!!

Type of exercise: I think I'll start running to tone up the legs.

Kristen said...

I'm starting P90x tomorrow, so I'm tightening up my crazy eating habits, and exercising 6x a week.
1. Main goal: Try to get into and maintain a healthy habit of eating healthfully and exercising. Maybe drop 10 pounds of fat.
2) Main weakness: carbs and bad decision leads to days or weeks of bad eating
3) P90x <-----awesome program...

Shameless plug.... you can learn more about me and P90x at

Looking forward to seeing everyone's results!!

NY Spender said...

we're very similar with carbs being the weakness, and wishing to tone up. The exercise looks good. Remember to focus the strength training on your upper body or on your lower body only, that way you won't be sore all over the next day.

we will both try to cut down on the soda. How much do you drink? We'll talk each other into running. Maybe we'll run on Tuesday?

I'll incorporate some massages for cellulite next week. If you can, get the Nivea good-bye cellulite cream, I have it, and while I won't say that it makes it go away, I do feel somewhat firmer after I use it. Maybe with diet, exercise and cream it will go away! You can run with us on Tuesday. :)

Wow Kristen,
I admire your enthusiasm! I'm not quite sure what the P90x does... but good luck with it!

Sunflower Optimism said...

Main Goal - lose 20 lbs., tone, increase cardio health and get better blood work #s - all of which I know I can accomplish with exercise. My bikini days are long gone, but I'd love to look better in a one piece!

Main Weakness - sugar/carbs, and finding excuses for not exercising.

Tu/Th - yoga
M/W/F - weight training or treadmill (walking), if joints allow.

I'm excited!

Anonymous said...

I drink way too much diet coke. Better not to give numbers :) I work night shifts so I use it to stay awake. I actually live in the city too. Any thoughts on good places to run without bumping into people on the crowded streets?

NY Spender said...

I usually run at a high school track. It's the best terrain for your joints, much better than the streets. See if there are any schools by you, and check if you can run there after hours.
How about substituting every other diet coke with green tea, it has caffeine but it's so much better for you?

Lilabelle said...

Main Goal: To lose 20 pounds and for the first time in my life wear a bikini

Main Weakness: Icecream , Getting up to workout

Type of exercise:

Monday:Powerwalking 45 minutes
Wednesday:Gym class total body workout 45min
Thursday Dance class at Gym 45min
Saturday:Hiking 5 miles

Can I have splenda in my tea/coffee?

Anonymous said...

Are we considering drinks like smoothies or frappuchinos desserts this week?

NY Spender said...

that's a great exercise program!
Remember no ice cream this week. You can have Splenda, yes.

smoothies and frappuccinos are caloric bombs. I'm not saying you will never have them again, but to jump start this program you need to give them up for these first 6 days. How about iced coffee?

JustLo said...

1. Your main goal:
To lose 10 lbs and tone up the tummy.

2. Your main weakness:
carbs (love pasta) and chocolate

3. The type of exercise you will be doing:
I've been working out regularly the last 2 months with a cardio class on Mon/Wed/Thur and then jogging or the gym the other days. So I'll just stick with that plan for now.

I live in CA but will visiting NYC (staying near the Rockefeller Center) this Thurs to Tues. Do you have any advice on where I can go jog to get some cardio in?

Sunflower Optimism said...

20 minutes on treadmill, sit-ups - oh and I put the remaining GS cookies in the freezer :-(

Drinking lots of water, with some decaf coffee/tea. Love the Republic of Tea teas - nice flavors and even at $10-$12 can of 50, still a nice treat at less than a quarter per cup.

(No, not in any way affiliated with Republic of Tea except for drinking it!)

NY Spender said...

Central Park is very close to Rockfeller Center and perfect for jogging. The weather is still a bit cold here, but once you start going you won't feel it anymore.

NY Spender said...

Good job! Get rid of those no-good-for-you cookies! They only make us fat!

Teas are great if you want to fix your blood work. Green tea is good for cholesterol (to lower it, of course).

lauren said...

I'm in!

1. Main Goal- Tone my stomach and other areas for bikini season
2. Main weakness- not eating healthy, skipping working out for happy hour :(
3. Running, pilates

Jennifer said...

1. My main goal is to lose weight and eat better. I was just diagnosed with high blood pressure and I'm only in my mid-thirties. Scary stuff.

2. My main weakness is sweets, I'm a stay-at-home-mom so I end up baking more sweets than I should.

3.Walking on the treadmill and working my way up to running.

BTW can I just tell you what a great idea this is? It's nice to be able to feel like you're not doing it alone! Thanks!

NY Spender said...

Welcome Lauren and Jennifer! :)

Lydia said...

1. My main goal is to get rid of my gut so I look nice in my bikini.
2. My main weakness is carbs and candy!
3. My main exercises are running and yoga. But I think tomorrow I am going to go see about getting a gym membership.

NY Spender said...

Welcome Lydia,
you are in good company in here :)