March 10, 2008

My Pink Suede Shoes

Just to show you that I stand behind what I write on this blog (and because I needed a "shoe fix"...), I stopped by Nine West and tried on the shoes I blogged about back in February.

And I bought them! :)

And I love them!
They are so show-stopping pink!

Here's Bullitt coming to check them out.
I have to tell you he is very picky with shoes...

He loves them!

This is the back view of the 4" stiletto heel.
For as high as they look, they are pretty comfortable.

Stay tuned, and I will show you a couple of spring/summer outfits you can put together with these beautiful shoes.


Retrodiva said...

I bought these too! I popped in Nine West not too long ago, and once I saw them I knew I wouldn't be leaving without them. They are utterly fantastic, although I haven't had a chance to wear them yet.

Astarte's Student said...

Verrry nice! Can't wait to see the outfits to go with them. :)

Anonymous said...

I bought the Epic (closed toe slingback) in green and I can't wait to see what outfits you put together so I get ideas. I have a summer dress (Monet not Miro) which is nice and a pair of beige slacks which look good, but I'm wondering what else I can pair them up with.

shopaphilia said...

Those are hotness.

Just discovered your blog btw and having a good time catching up!

NY Spender said...

I know! They are just beautiful to look at! :)

NY Spender said...

I'm glad you approve. :)

NY Spender said...

I liked the Epic too.

:) on the Monet dress.

You can pair the green with yellow, brown, blue, white and more green...

A yellow dress, for example.

Blue pants, green and blue blouse.

Green blouse, white capri pants.

Even purple...

NY Spender said...

welcome aboard! :)

I hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I love the color - fushia, my favorite. If I were to purchase the same shoes at Nine West I would have to practice wearing them at home for awhile before venturing out into the streets. I have been wearing comfortable shoes, meaning 3 1/2 inches tops if the shoes are wedges, and no more than two inches. Maybe, maybe, maybe, I will wear 3 inch heels, and if only if I go out to a formal dinner and go right home. No strolling in the streets afterwards. To wear 4 inch heels is like being on stilts for me! However I am just itching to try. Can't resist the cheery color. For me, bright colors are not merely about fashion, it means spring, a time of renewal and happiness.

Daisy, who has not walked in high heels in years, if ever.

Jamie said...

Gorgeous! I love them! :)