March 28, 2008

MAC Plush Lash and Lipglass

After writing a post about what's the deal with MAC products and why are they so popular, I couldn't pass the MAC store last week without taking a peek inside.

Differently from how I used to behave in there a few years ago:

I would like to try one of your lipsticks, could you please suggest one?

last week I walked in there and I was all like:

Yeah, can I get your Plush Lash mascara in black, and also where is the Lipglass, I'd like to pick a color for Spring?

Now, mind you, I knew nothing about these two products, except what I had read about them on some of the beauty blogs out there.

Well, let me tell you... I love them!

The Plush Lash Mascara works very well with my lashes. It hasn't clumped, at least not yet, and it lets me keep applying as much mascara as I want without drying or becoming too hard to manage like some other mascaras.

And no matter how many coats, the lashes never feel dry, but retain some softness and flexibility.

As I've said before, I don't think one product will be perfect for everybody, but if you are like me and you have not had good results with Diorshow, maybe you can give this one a try.

The Lipglass is another success story.

Lately I must have tried so many different lip glosses that I couldn't even tell which one was which anymore.

And none of them lasted more than 10 minutes on my lips.

Lipglass lasts a long time! It's not ugly sticky like the other ones, and true to its name it really shines on your lips!

Oh my, I'm starting to sound like all those MAC fanatics out there!


Anonymous said...

So you're one of "them" now, huh? ;) How's the taste of the Lipglass?

NY Spender said...

I hope not... lol
I just dabbed a bit of lipglass on my lips to "taste" it and I have to say that it's a neutral taste, and not bitter at all (some lip glosses are).
It doesn't really have a taste.