April 9, 2008

bikini club - midweek update

Little test:

which picture makes you feel better just by looking at it?




Yeah, yeah, I understand hunger and flavor too, but I am not asking you to give up b for a.

I'm only asking you to have a lot more of a, and a lot less of b.

A and b are used as symbols here, and they don't represent just a cup of tea and a cheese burger. They represent different lifestyles. They represent choices. And how much you want to love yourself today, tomorrow and the next day.

What I am asking you to do, going forward in our Bikini Club is to remember these two pictures. I want you to start putting serious thought in your meals. I want you to plan ahead, even if just in your head, the next meal or two.

Every time you need to make a choice, try to pick the healthier one. If you are only thinking about "bad" food, try to mentally start over and re-direct your thinking towards something that will benefit you, and not "fatten" you.

It takes a bit of work, but it is necessary if you are watching what you are eating.

I start this thinking process in the morning, and while I usually have the same breakfast so that's not much of a challenge, my mind jumps ahead, and tries to pick some interesting and healthy for later.

So that when at lunch time I'm wandering the streets of New York still clueless about what to eat, my determination for a healthier me (stronger because of my mental planning) helps me stay away from fast food and hot dogs, and guides me to the first salad bar it can find.

That's what you have to do, too. Think about your food. Make better choices. Silence the "junk" thoughts. Love yourself more, and worship your body by giving it only the best and most nutritious foods.

Believe it or not, your cravings start in your head. And that's where you need to kill them.

By replacing all the "Hmm, I'm going to have a cookie even if the NY Spender said I can't have one" with "I think it's time I start eating better, and a nice salad with all my favorite toppings is going to fill the spot!"

All this "healthier thinking" won't come natural at first, but the more you'll practice it the more it will become second nature.

Now, as far as progress report:

I've had no sweets this week. I don't miss them and I don't want them. I've only had a third of a can of Coke yesterday, and I am not planning on having any today.

I've really focused on my exercise on Tuesday. I was lucky to catch a biceps and triceps fitness show on FitTV, and it was great! I couldn't really move my arms today, but it was great!

It was intense and kept me interested the whole time. Which is very important for every exercise and fitness regimen. It needs to keep you interested otherwise you will quit it. The same thing won't work for every one, and it's up to you to find what will help you succeed.

On a side note, a little parenthesis on another fitness video series. The one by Carmen Electra. Words cannot express what I felt trying to exercise to that.

This woman is so beautiful, but so boring! As she tried to explain the exercises, I kept tuning her out! I kept thinking "Get to the point, Carmen!". She has absolutely zero trainer charisma. And when she tried to get technical, I just couldn't buy it because it was coming from her!

Not to mention the very irritating fact that the camera kept zooming in on her face (yes, we know she is beautiful) and you couldn't follow her movements anymore, because now you could only see her piercing blue eyes, but had no idea what she was doing with the rest of her body!

Oh well...

As for beauty routine, I enjoyed taking some time to nurture my hair, and I'm looking forward to trying my new scrub tonight - long story short, I have 3 different scrubs right now, and you will probably have a post about them soon. ;)

Now, to better prepare you for next week's drill, let me give you a heads up:

Buy calcium supplements.
Calcium boosts the metabolism and helps you lose weight. There are many different kind of calcium supplements out there, even chewable, and I remember learning that calcium citrate is better absorbed than calcium carbonate. Make sure that the supplements come with vitamin D. Read more about calcium supplements.

Buy yogurt (with live and active cultures).
Same as above, yogurt will provide calcium, plus vitamins B2 and B12, zinc and other essential nutrients. It could also boost your immune system. And it could lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. It could increase your fat loss. It could protect you against ulcers. It could reduce your risk of colorectal cancer... do I need to continue?

Buy a cool nail polish color for your toes.
Guess what's going to be on the beauty list next drill? :)

Buy a scale (if you don't have one).
Yep, we will have an official weigh-in.

Your turn. How is your progress coming along?


Lilabelle said...

im doing well with drinking water and working out...an hour today...but I had a couple of bites of a cinabon ...will drink lots of tea this week though...does the cleansing kind help?

NY Spender said...

Hi Lila,
I'm glad you are doing ok. A couple of bites is better than eating a box. :)
I would think that cleansing tea should be beneficial as well. Which one is it?

Sunflower Optimism said...

Actually A looks a lot better to me - B turns my stomach. I think I'll have a cup of A now! This week so far: babied my hair, targeted arms 15 min., 20 minutes on the treadmill, 1 hr. yoga, 45 min. weight training at gym (full body, with abs 2x), green tea every night. No junk and more vegetarian than not.

I do need to remember to drink more water.

The nail polish will be fun for next week! I've been on Ca supplements for years, love non-fat Greek yogurt and rarely do fast food - so next week will be a "gimme."

NY Spender said...

you are amazing! You really need to pat yourself in the back for such a great job!
Definitely try to increase your water intake, but for the rest... wow! :)

Anonymous said...

This week is not off to a good start, but today was better. I haven't had any sweets yet and did 10 mi of weightlifting (arms) yesterday. I've been trying to drink my water and am off to have my green tea.

First cup this week unfortunetly.

I'm way more motivated now after reading that we will be having a weigh in! eeek! I think I will try to get a run in tomorrow!

Sunflower Optimism said...

LOL, Spender, don't be so impressed - remember I'm older (I was going to say old, but no, older will do!) - so I have to work twice as hard to look half as good as you sweet young things ;-)

Dee said...

I've conditioned my hair, scrubbed my back, walked for 20 mins then did the arms exercises. And today I am going to work out some more.

I only had one coke at the beginning of the week, and none since. I also had some wafers at the beginning of the week, but no desert since. I drink a lot of water, but haven't drank green tea. I will today.

I think I'm doing better than last week.

JustLo said...

Now that I'm back from vacation, I've eaten way better, went to my 60 minute cardio class at the gym both last night and tonight, and haven't had any sweets. I've lagged on the beauty care though so tonight I'm doing both the deep conditioner and scrub. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

An official weigh-in? Oh must we? Must we? Not that it isn't a good idea but it makes me cringe. After all this time vigorously and diligently not exercising I prefer to step around a scale rather than on one. Maybe in at least 2 weeks. As for drinking green tea, I'll try it but I wish jasmine has the same effect. I always durink a large mugful of it in the evening.

Anonymous said...

Ok, finally a workout, a good one involving speed walking and push ups. the first in weeks. Daisy gal is on her way back to Jane Fonda shape, clad in leotard and legwarmers, no less. Some of you young-uns may not get this reference to the fitness goddess who reigned in the 1980s.

Let me present one you will have no difficulty grasping. How about being in shape as in Brittany Spears long before her infamous Grammy opener days. Her "Baby hit me one more time" days. What on earth does that line mean?!

NY Spender said...

don't let a setback upset you, just keep going, you are on the right track!



much better! Keep it up and you'll look like a million bucks in two months! :)


Great Job! I hope you enjoyed the pampering.


Hi Daisy,
yes we must. It's our starting point, and just an irrelevant number, since it will change pretty soon.

Maybe you can try a flavored green tea?

By the way, you gotta sends us some pictures of your leotard look! lol
You make me laugh!

You know, it would be great, having Britney's body before she lost it all (sense, kids, shape...). I remember reading she used to do 1,000 crunches a day.

Anonymous said...

I have had a good workout similar to the one yesterday. I am on my way back. I participated in weight training. This evening, I suddenly had an idea, I know protein is an important part of becoming lean and cut. Images of Rocky Balboa and the Milion Dollar Baby filled my mind. I recalled how they valiently drank raw eggs to absorb enough protein into their systems. So I cracked four egg whites into a glass , I threw away the egg yolks, and drink the egg whites straight down. I expected it to taste revolting, but this rather crude mixture proved to be better than I thought. Physicians do not endorse this practive because of possible heatlth hazapards such as salmonella. I just had to try it once. Sturbborn gal. I emaphasize I am not promoting this, I was just wondering if anyone had the same experience and if it yieled positive or negative results.

I have been druinking tons of water, out of necessity. The weather is so hot.

NY Spender said...

I sometimes have eggs after my workouts, but they are never raw. Yuck! I like them soft-boiled.