April 30, 2008

bikini club - midweek update

I have been exercising like never before: regularly and with a passion. :)

Yesterday I started with cardio and getting the whole body going for about 10 minutes, then I worked 10 minutes on the arms, lifting some small weights. At this point I was tired and I couldn't do my whole 20 minutes abs routine, but I still did half of it.

And then - yes there is more! - I finished with 10 minutes of yoga.

It was like I wanted to do more and more, and when a certain part of my body couldn't handle the exercises any longer, I just switched to something different.

This approach kept me going longer than usual, and I never got bored.

The results are showing and I am very proud of myself. I'm almost tempted to post some pictures... but I won't, not just yet.

And if anybody wants to know how this bikini club relates to fashion... hmm... let's say that we can't only focus on the clothes, we also need to focus on the models ;)


Anonymous said...

good job :)

I think it is so much easier to exercise when it is actually fun. I love hiking and snowboarding and playing tennis. I never even notice the time. Actually I like yoga just as much too.

NY Spender said...

Thank you Katy :)

Absolutely! If I could only run on a treadmill or work out on one of those stationary bikes, I would never exercise!

Sunflower Optimism said...

Glad to know someone's holding down the fort :-) Keep going ladies and add some for me. I've been in bed all week with the flu - on the "plus" side, not eating much, just a little broth, so will probably be even at the end.

Dee said...

I wish I could say that I have lost weight, but I haven't :( I actually gain a pound or two. But then again, I'm PMSing, so that could be it. Hopefully. I'm exercising regularly and I eat less fat, no French fries, and I rarely drink soda.

NY Spender said...

Poor Sunflower, :(
I hope you feel better soon.
Dear Dee,
I will try to come up with more specific meal plans as we go forward. You take it easier this week. :)