April 13, 2008

bikini club - week 3

And we are now entering week 3 of our Bikini Club!

Previous posts: week 1 - week 2.

Here is drill number 3:

This week we'll continue skipping dessert, we'll continue drinking more natural fluids like water and tea, and we'll keep cutting down soda. I have been drinking less of it, and I have to say I don't miss it. And when I do have one, I make sure I enjoy it! I sip it as if it were a 50 years old scotch whiskey! lol

Good news for all of you that asked: I won't take coffee away from you. Unless you drink an insanely large amount of it, it won't hurt your diet or your health. But if you take it with 10 packets of sugars (I know people that do), then you can't drink it.

Alcohol is a tricky subject. Some mixed drinks have a lot of sugars, so I would suggest against them. Red wine is supposed to be good for you and one glass a day is permitted. Beer bloats you and gives you beer belly, and ruins all the good work we are doing here. You can have one every so often, but keep the beer belly image clear in your mind when you reach for seconds.

If you look at the schedule for this week, I've abbreviated nd=no dessert, t&w = tea and water. The new item is SNACKS.

This because we are going to boost our metabolism!

It is proven that a diet with smaller and more frequent meals revs up your metabolism which is a great help when you are trying to lose weight. A faster metabolism will also let you eat a bit more of your favorite foods, and even indulge every so often, without paying the high price you are paying now because of your slower metabolism (read "weight gain").

People that try and starve themselves in diets are only sabotaging themselves. If you don't eat for a long period of time (and you go hungry for hours and hours), your body gets the message that there is a shortage of food, and as a survival instinct it starts slowing down your metabolism, to conserve calories.

We need to do the opposite.

We need to give our body food at regular intervals, to keep him busy and content!

Going forward, I want you to have 5 meals a day. This doesn't mean you will eat more than what you are eating now. You should actually eat less.

Let's take me for example:

I usually had breakfast (two waffles), lunch (one big plate of whatever to stuff my face with) and dinner (another big plate of whatever). And some after dinner fattening snack (chips).

This was never going to get me a bikini body.

This is me now:

Breakfast (small and healthy), snack, lunch (small plate of whatever), dinner (small plate of whatever) and snack.

To keep it simple in the beginning let's start with few "tried and true" snacks: yogurt and nuts. You can have other snacks as well, as long as you keep them in the protein family.

Yogurt has calcium and potassium, great for lowering high-blood pressure. Read more about the benefits of yogurt.

If you really hate yogurt, you can substitute lowfat milk. In any case, you need to get that calcium in your system to help you lose fat.

All nuts are good for you, but the very best ones are almonds and walnuts. A fistful of walnuts fills you up and gives you a healthy heart.

So start snacking on those, and reduce your main meals a bit, don't get to the point where you're so full you can't get up from the table...

Here is an interesting article about boosting the metabolism.

Finally, I hope you bought some calcium supplements and that you will start taking them regularly going forward.


We need more muscles! A body with more muscles burns calories way faster than a body with no muscles. Some people think that they do have muscles, and that they're just underneath the fat.

Sorry but that's wrong.

If you lead a very sedentary life, and with age, you LOSE muscles. They don't hide under the fat... they just go "poof!"

That's why they say you need to BUILD muscle. It's a process, a tough one, of hard work but that comes with incredible rewards, for you and for your health.

I've raised the exercise session time to 20 minutes minimum. If you can do more, great! I am starting to enjoy my sessions more, since I can already notice an increase in my stamina. The muscles hurt the next day, but that's normal.

While I was doing yoga today, as part of my routine, I started thinking about when I was 16 years old. I used to love gym class and I was one of the best students: I ran fast, I loved exercising, I would never get tired, I was limber, and I had a very lean body.

Today, as I almost pulled a stomach muscle on a forward bend (it hurt at first, but luckily it stopped) I wondered about the horrible shape I am in. How such a strong and lean body has turned into something so stiff and weak. And I am only 34! I can't think about 20 more years without exercise! I don't want to be like that. I don't want to feel limited by a body that has the potential but that I have decided to destroy...

On Monday take some extra time to use a moisturizer all over your body after your shower. This is actually something that you should do after every shower, but I understand we are all pressed for time.

I have bought one of those moisturizer that give you a bit of color. I like the ones from Jergens. This way I moisturize and put on some "safe" color.

On Wednesday shave your legs. Really shave them! From your ankles up to as far as you like/need. Get them ready for the pedicure on Friday, but leave that one day in between because it's not a good practice to shave right before a pedicure as it increases your chances to catch an infection or to get your skin irritated.

On Friday get your favorite nail polish out (I hope you bought a new one for the occasion!) and either give yourself a relaxing pedicure or, if you prefer, go get one at a salon.

As you will notice at the end of next week, your body will start looking better because of the exercises, but it will also feel better to the touch because of all the pampering we've been giving to it. :)

And if you were hoping that I had forgotten... sorry...

It's time for your WEIGH-IN!!!
You don't have to include your height so nobody will really know how many extra pounds you are carrying. It's always good to have it as a reference point.

Here is mine: 114 lbs.

I am not trying to lose weight, just fat, and to replace it with muscles. So my weight will probably increase at the end of this, since muscle weights more than fat.

Your turn! ;)


Dee said...

114 lbs? I'm jealous!

I weigh 132 lbs. What is my goal? It is at 121 lbs. I know I can get there, but it won't be easy.

NY Spender said...

Hi Dee,
don't be, you are probably taller than me.
121 is a good goal. You can totally do it!

NY Spender said...

I love how everybody is quiet for this week's bikini update...
C'mon girls, it's just a number.
Unless nobody is following the plan anymore and there is no point in me keep writing about it ;)

JustLo said...

All right...here I go...

I weigh 169 lbs and set a goal to lose 10 lbs. and hope that my tummy gets flatter along the way :)

I don't know why that was so hard to write, but it was!

Sunflower Optimism said...

Please do keep writing! Your advice and "to do" tasks are well researched and it is more fun to do this with others.

Okay, I weigh in at - oh my! - 139! Like I said in the beginning, need to lose 20 lbs.

I was 110 from age 17 to about 35 - never dieted, ate all I wanted - then after 35 all hell broke loose! It's been a losing battle ever since, but I'm determined to make it stick this time. I don't need to be 110 again, but 120 sure would be nice!

NY Spender said...

Hi JustLo :)
yours and mine too (tummies)!

Ten pounds are not a lot. I think it's a very doable thing for you.

I'm glad you came out of the woods... :)

NY Spender said...

Hi Sunflower!
Ok, so you need to work a bit harder (even though it looks like you know what you are doing with diet and exercise). Let's just stick with it this time. :)
Unfortunately I am familiar with the "after 30" transformation...

Anonymous said...

Over 110 and below 120. It varies from low to high ends of this range for the past 7 years. Keep in mind I am very small physically, and have tiny bone structure. All females in my family share these physical traits. A family doc used to worry I will develop osteoporosis. I used to weigh 98 pounds from age 16 to age 30. This shocked my family doc. She worried I will lose bone density and have limbs that snap like twigs. I was sent for bone density tests starting at an outrageously young age. A more female form finally came about in my mid 30s. I looked far better for it. Not looking to lose weight or self torture via dieting or excessive exercise, instead to eat sensibly, take calcium and vitamin supplements, and engage in moderate daily exercise to maintain health and bone density as I mature.

lauren said...

I'm at about 135. To be honest, I don't have an exact number of what I want to lose, I just want my stomach to be flatter and to feel better in general.

Anonymous said...

I loved PE too! But I was more of the type that was laughing at everyone else with my friends and making out with the boys under the bleachers. ;)
I like to think I'd be more ambitious now.

My weigh in is a beastly 169. I would like to get down to 143 at least, but mostly work on losing fat. I have pretty good muscle strength at the moment but that could also be improved upon.

JustLo said...

Just out of curiosity, how often should we being weighing ourselves? Everyday or is that too much?

NY Spender said...

Dear Daisy,
yours is a very good plan, and hopefully this will be the jumpstart you needed. :)


Hi Lauren,
once you eat better in general, and have been exercising regularly you will definitely feel better. As for the stomach, that's almost everybody's weak spot in here. I will make sure we do as much as we can to make it as flat as it can get for each one of us.


Good job Katy! lol
we'll work on re-training your idea of PE...
Since you have good muscles, then the diet will need some restrictions. Next week I will probably include some sample meals. And some "no-no" meals.

Hi JustLo,
Right now, at my job, some of the guys are having a "fat pool", to see who loses the most in two months. Most of them weigh themselves every day. Some time right before lunch, and then right after, to calculate the damage! lol

I like checking my weight regularly, so I don't have anything against every day.

It won't diminish every day, but at least you'll know right away if you are gaining some, and you can correct it.

Anonymous said...

I'll do without anything but the coffee! I take it as is or with some cream, no sugar.