April 27, 2008

bikini club - week 5

Welcome back to the Bikini Club!

We are entering week 5! And this is your drill:


To recap:

1. No eating after 8PM.
2. Eat at least 5 times a day, snacking in between smaller meals.
3. Keep an eye on the amount of fat you eat.
4. Curb your soda drinking.
5. Drink green tea.
6. Take calcium and fish oil supplements.

If you have any doubts, just read the previous bikini club posts, you can find them all together on the left side bar, under the label bikini club. :)

The main concern this week is going to be whole wheat.

Since most of you suffer from what I suffer (non-flat belly), we need to cut down on white flour and processed carbs.

The ideal would be to eliminate soda, white flour and sugar laden products.

Since Rome was not built in one day, we'll take it a bit slower than that, and start by replacing one white flour item we eat a lot, with a whole wheat one.

For me it will be English Muffins.

Here are some interesting articles about the debate "white flour vs. whole wheat."

White Bread vs. Whole Wheat

Eating Well

When you are picking your new and healthier choice, read the ingredients!!!

Whole Wheat. That's what you want to read. If you read the words "unbleached" or "enriched" it's a scam. Don't buy it: it's still white flour. You also don't want anything with high fructose corn syrup, nor partially hydrogenated soybean oil.

You will be surprised at how many packages you will have to put back on the shelf!

And as anticipated, we will say goodbye to two beloved foods:

French Fries and Frozen Dinners.

These two are now part of your indulgence list. You can only have them once in a while. Which means no more than once a week.

When you have a free minute, check out this site: the Daily Plate.

On it you can do a number of things, all diet related, like tracking your meals and your weight, but I like to use it as a quick reference for food's nutritional information and to get an idea of what I need to do to burn a particular meal.

Like for example French Fries. Here are the nutrition facts for KFC French Fries:

Lots of sodium, lots of fat, and 430 calories. Hardly any proteins.

What's crazy is the information about burning off these calories:

53 minutes of rugby???

36 minutes on the treadmill???

Just for fries???

Makes you think twice about those fries, now doesn't it?


You are all doing better than me! Exercising frequently and constantly. Great job! :)

I am upping the time again, now we are shooting for 25 minutes each session, and even though some of you do more than that already, I am trying to get everybody there slowly and without any injuries.

There are two abs sessions this week, we need to flatten this stomach!!!

One a positive note: I was out shopping yesterday and I was trying on dresses in the fitting room. Well, I have to say that more than once I stopped to notice the progress of my diet and especially of the exercising, and I was pleasantly satisfied with my results so far. :)


Hi Dee, you're supposed to do this part too... ;P

Did anybody wax??? I am curious to know. I did and it looks much better. :)

This week we'll take a soothing and relaxing bath to help us start the week right.

Then we'll condition our hair.

And on Friday we'll get a manicure! If you send me your manicure pictures I will post them next week.

Get to work ladies!!!


Dee said...

As a matter of fact, I waxed just yesterday (Saturday) :P Actually, I wax my armpits regularly.

It's the bubble bath part that I'm going to have difficulty with. I just CAN'T take baths. I hate them. Ewwwwww...

The hair conditioning and manicure part I actually LOVE.

Can I replace the bubble bath with something else? Like, scrubbing? (I haven't done much of that lately to be honest.)

NY Spender said...

Sure Dee, substitute the bath for the scrub, I don't want you doing anything you're not comfortable doing. :)

Anonymous said...

oh I love baths! I'm excited!

I didn't wax this week :(
The two salons in my town only specifically wax either eyebrows or bikini lines.

I did buy a new razor though and that helped.

Lilabelle said...

Hello everyone sorry I've been awol
it was passover for me so naturally no carb...:) I only worked out twice though....I don't do well with waxing but I did shave and scrub every other day...I can't wait for the hair conditioning ...

JustLo said...

I did wax my underarms (for the first time actually). I like it. I can't wait for the deep conditioning because my hair really needs it.

1PoshLady said...

I love Daily Plate! I have tracked my calories, fat and protein consumption for the past two months. It is very useful. One warning, be cautious with the amount of fat they advise you may consume. I found it to be high.

NY Spender said...

that is so restrictive. Here they wax everything, and I mean everything! ;)
Hi Lila,
welcome back! :) Godd to know you're still on track.
Hi JustLo,
I'm with you on the hair, mine will love it, too. I'm happy you liked the waxing, it's so much better than shaving.

Sunflower Optimism said...

I'm back, I'm sick, so not sure what I'll be able to accomplish this week.

Will probably do ok with food because I can't see anything other than chicken soup in the near future.