April 26, 2008

Colored Contact Lenses

I've always been fascinated by colored contact lenses.

I've occasionally changed my color from brown to blue, but I was never completely satisfied with the results, because the brown would always come through the blue lenses, and you were able to tell that they were colored contacts.

Today I discovered something that probably the rest of the world already knows, but since I don't (try not to) read gossip columns, I just didn't know: Paris Hilton's real eye color is brown.

For some reason, this newly discovered useless piece of information has struck a chord with me:

1. It gave me hope that it is possible to find natural looking blue lenses for brown eyes.

2. It made me sad because here is a girl that has completely repudiated her own brown eyes.

I like my brown eyes, and even though I've fantasized about having light colored eyes, I couldn't imagine disowning my eyes like that.

I've actually had thoughts like: "what if I meet my soul mate while I'm wearing my blue contacts, and it's love at first sight, and then I gotta go explaining that my eyes are really brown, and he will feel cheated, and I will feel he fell in love with a "fake" version of me... yada... yada...?"


Sunflower Optimism said...

This brings me way back - think elementary school - where I was upset with my blue eyes and brown hair because everyone else with blue eyes had blonde hair - and I wanted that blonde hair, I didn't want to be different.

Until the day I realized that EVERYONE else with blue eyes had blonde hair. . . ;-)

Anonymous said...

haha that's exactly what I think! Oh wow that would be my worst fear. I probably wouldn't tell my guy until on my deathbed or something....

Unknown said...

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