April 12, 2008

Erth Mineral Makeup

Up to now, I had never used mineral makeup. I had heard so much about it, and I was very curious to try it, but I wasn't even sure which brand I wanted to try first.

This is where Erth Mineral Makeup came in to save the day! :)

After discussing my skin color and undertones with a representative over email, I received more samples than I could ever wish for! And you know me... I love to share, so I turned lunch-hour into mineral-fest at my office!

Watch NY Spender put her makeup-artist hat on! ;)

My first victim was Sharon.

Because I didn't have any previous experience with the "minerals", I played it safe and very natural.

You can barely see any makeup, but her face looks even-toned and has a glow.

For this look I used the Foundation 1.2, the Moth Veil, the Glow as blush, and on the eyes Earth and Caddis eye shadows.

Sharon: "I love it! It feels like you have nothing at all on your face. I had never tried mineral makeup before, but now I know that I will definitely buy it. I loved the base and I loved the multicolored effect of the Caddis eye shadow. I also loved the brushes. I loved it all!"
Christina was next.

At this point I had a bit more confidence, so it was easier for me to visualize the look I wanted for her.

I wanted to give Christina a "china doll" look, since she has porcelain skin, shiny black hair, and that day she was wearing bright red.

For her look I used the Foundation 1.0, the Moth Veil, the Petal blush and the Poppy eye shadow, plus a black eyeliner, mascara and a bit of gloss.

Christina: "Overall, I really liked the mineral make-up. I wouldn’t say that it gave me a “flawless” face, but flaws are what define us right? I liked that about the make-up. Still, it had excellent coverage and did a fantastic job of evening out the tones in my face.

The foundation and blush blended really well, which I loved, and made my face look very radiant & natural. It was light feeling and I barely touched my face at all, something I am notoriously bad about. I’m always rubbing, itching, proding and poking.

The eye shadow was very subtle which I liked, but I’m not sure I would rush out to buy it. But I’m not too much of a shadow person, as I prefer hard liners.

I don’t think it lasted as long as my regular liquid foundation & pressed powder combination. By the end of the day, I probably needed to reapply. But I think it’s a bit of a trade off as the appearance after a fresh application is an overall better look. It provides a luminescence that I don’t think can be achieved by liquid or crème foundations.

Based on my experience and the devotion of those I know who already use mineral make-up, I would definitely consider replacing my current regiment of liquid foundation and pressed powder."

By the time Alexis' turn came around I was ready to play with colors!

I used the same foundation that I used on Christina, the Moth Veil, the Wheat concealer, the Primrose blush, and the Moss eyeshadow, plus eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and gloss.

This is what Alexis had to say: "I did really like the foundation/powder, they were light and natural feeling, and blended well with skin tone. They also were long lasting, my face had a radiance but was not shiny… a true perk!

The blush was nice, I can’t say I was as impressed with the color aspect of the line, but it seemed to last and was a pleasant natural looking daytime color.

I was not so into the eye make-up. I tend to like colors that are more radiant and last longer I felt like it didn’t take long for the green to just look like the effect was lost.

My take: I think mineral makes a wonderful base, and I will probably buy a mineral foundation and powder thanks to my test. I usually don’t wear either as I have found it so impossible to get something as fresh and clean looking as the mineral. However I will not be replacing my M.A.C. eyeshadows or Benetint any time soon."

Three satisfied testers! :)

What about me, you ask?

I tried the Erth line the next day, and I agree with what was said above: the look and feel of mineral foundation plus powder on your face is far superior than the traditional liquid/powder combination. I am sure we're all very familiar with the "cakey feel" of heavy make-up.

Mineral makeup feels like there is nothing at all on your face, and it gives you a glow that comes from an even-toned skin, plus that "extra radiance" coming from all those tiny mica particles. My skin felt smooth and velvety, while with traditional foundation it always feels a bit sticky.

The only drawback is that it won't really cover blemishes. If you regularly use full-coverage foundation to achieve a flawless look, mineral foundation might be too light for you.

I also loved the concealer. Its ability to cover-up my dark circles was a shock to me! I couldn't believe how many concealers I've wasted my money on that really never did the job right. I thought you had to live with semi-darkish circles, but now I know different!

I also agree with what was said about the eye shadows, defining them a bit too delicate. This is a time of bright and brilliant colors, at least among the young crowds, and the subtleness of minerals might be off putting for some... but not for all. A more mature crowd will surely appreciate just that gentle touch on their eyes.

Overall, I think mineral makeup is a great addition to the beauty aisle. Some people mistakenly think that turning to mineral makeup is like becoming a vegetarian, and so they need to stop eating meat (traditional makeup) completely.

I say take the best of both worlds! Nobody is stopping you from using the mineral foundation for a flawless base, and then using your bright M.A.C. shadows on your eyes! You will look marvelous!!! :)

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Sunflower Optimism said...

I've never been a fan of foundation and never used to wear any until I started using the minerals. I use a different brand, but I like how it results in nice, even skin tone with wonderful luminosity and no heavy feeling. A little mascara, lipstick and I'm good to go.

Has anyone tried the erth vs. bare escentuals? I wonder how they compare.

Dee said...

I've been debating with myself whether to buy mineral makeup or not, guess I'll have to try mineral foundations first, since you say they're so good.

Anonymous said...

I use bare escentuals. I love their eye colors. Bare escentuals has been around for a long time and has found a lot of great ways to make mineral makeup usable for many women. When it comes to coverage bare escentuals tops anything I have used in terms of full coverage AND a natural look. Really, I have a lot of flaws on my face...some discoloration, sometimes a few blemishes, and pores that show... and when I use the concealor and foundation from Bare escentuals it covers all of these flaws up. My skin looks even now and I look much younger. I have tried a few other types of mineral makeup but not erth.

Anonymous said...

This is my fave mineral makeup brand amongst the various I've tried. It gives me a very natural look. Love their eye shadows too. No creases!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to sound so dumb, but what makes mineral makeup better than the rest? Are they hypo allergenic? Thanks!

NY Spender said...

Hi Tahn,
supposedly, mineral makeup should be better for your skin than regular makeup.
The way I see it, people love it because it's a refreshing break from traditional cream/liquid foundation, and it gives you a natural look (like you have no makeup/foundation on) while still correcting the little imperfections of your skin.

Anonymous said...

I use Erth Minerals too and I love it! You might not have got all the eye shadows. There are beautifully bright shadows in the range, I particularly love the leaf (green). I can use it lighter, if I layer it it becomes darker and if I use it wet, it becomes amazingly bright! I put on my make-up in the morning and never have to re-apply, I look the same in the evening. Ah yes, and half the price of Bare Minerals.

Reese said...

I agree with 'Anonymous' that there are lots of bold and bright colors available in the Erth line. I use a different one everyday and I look forward to putting my makeup on to see what color I will choose! I agree that there are no creases and I just checked myself out in the mirror and my eyeshadow looks the same as it did when I applied it 9 hours ago. It is great for blending, too. Sometimes I use 3 different eyeshadow colors at once.