April 11, 2008

fashion challenge 1 - results

The "Fashion Challenge" results are in:

I asked you to pick two different colors (skipping the neutrals) and pairing them to create an harmonious look.

Here is Dee wearing pink and brown. An excellent choice!

Since her pink is bright, it brings vitality to the brown. The two color complement each other without clashing.

Truth about this challenge is that you can't pair any two colors and always be successful. There are some pairs that definitely work better together than others.

Pink and brown is a successful pair.

And here I'm wearing another winning combination: red and blue.

Lovely lipstick, isn't it? ;)

Another thing to notice when pairing different colors is to try and balance them out if necessary.

The shiny red of the skirt was a bit "loud", so not only I picked a blue top, but I also made sure that it was simple, non-shiny (!), and that it would tone the whole outfit down a notch.


Getri said...

I love this challenge.When are you planning to host another one?I want to participate badly:)

NY Spender said...

Hi Purplesocks,
I'll probably have another one next week, around Thursday. :)

Sunflower Optimism said...

Brown is great! I use it like another neutral - pair with turquoise (my favorite), lime green, orange - almost anything.

Nice job :-)

NY Spender said...

And where was your picture, Sunflower my dear?

Dee said...

Yay for us :D

I love your red skirt, Spender :)

Sunflower Optimism said...

Busy doing taxes!!! :-(

Plus I don't have an exciting wardrobe right now. I need to get in shape and buy a WHOLE NEW wardrobe before taking any pictures ;-)