May 25, 2008

bikini club - week 9

This is your drill for week 9 of the Bikini Club! :)

This is the last week before we get in full diet force in June. Consider yourself warned! ;)

I've found an interesting list of how to reduce calories here and there, and how to work with substitutions. Here are some of my favorite out of this list:

1. Order fat-free cream cheese on the side, save 100 calories. Many delis use way too much fattening cream cheese, use fat free and use only 1 tablespoon.

2. Scoop out the inside of a bagel, save 100 calories.

3. Order a white-meat turkey burger in place of a hamburger, save 115 calories.

4. Eat a cup of puffed wheat cereal instead of granola with raisins, save 385 calories. Puffed cereal has a lot of air in it.

5. Eat roasted chicken instead of fried chicken, save 120 calories.

6. Skip the bread when eating out, save 150 calories.

7. Order wine instead of dessert, save 475 calories.

8. Use 1 tablespoon of mustard instead of 1 tablespoon of mayo, save 100 calories.

9. Drink nonfat milk instead of whole milk, save 140 calories.

10. Swap regular soda for diet soda, save 145 calories.

EXERCISE:Keep up the good work! Try the best you can to exercise all four days each week and you will definitely see results. If you still have not gotten into the routine, there is still time, even if you start now, you will have a much more toned body by July. So start sweating!

We are still doing at least 30 minutes each session, but please do more if you feel up to it. Since most of us here would love nice abs, they are now a steady part of our exercises, no matter what you do, you should work them out three times a week.

Let's enjoy Monday with a relaxing and invigorating body scrub!

On Wednesday take time for hair deep conditioning.

On Friday you can try a new product on your face. I am about to try a new exfoliating wash, and I will probably post about it (here's hoping it's a good review). See if you can find a product that does more than just wash and cleanse your face. Something that minimizes your lines, and that smoothes your skin. You will need to look for something with ingredients like retinol (over the counter) or, like in my product, glycolic acid.


Dee said...

I finally got a treadmill and yesterday I started the Learn to Run program! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so joining you guys from this week !
I need motivation to take care of myself !

And on a side note: do check the total calories on the low-fat products. Some of the 0.1% Fat stuff has motre sugar in it than the regular stuff.