May 28, 2008

Coach Soho Signature Large Hobo

I'm in love with a Coach Bag

Sing to the tune of Gavin DeGraw... just switch bag for girl. ;)

This is the bag:
Soho Signature Large Hobo

Oh no! Another Coach bag! You might say.

But let me tell you: this one is finally different.

I like Coach, and as a matter of fact I own their stock, because I think their bags are well made and good looking, and still somewhat affordable.

If you prefer Fendi or Gucci or Louis Vuitton, I understand. But if that's all you buy (good for you, since you can afford to spend $2,000 on those bags) maybe you won't need to finish reading this post.

Coach is for some of us that like to buy a nice bag once in a while, but that still find it very hard to comprehend the concept of a $1,200 handbag (that's why I get a bit annoyed when I see some Coach bags selling for $600 and up, I don't want them to become too luxurious!)

As I was saying, this bag is finally more of what I have been looking for: roomy and round.

In the past, Coach bags have been on the square and/or flat side, like this one:

Signature Stripe Shoulder Bag

And while I could never wear a flat hobo like this one:

Hamptons Weekend Hobo

I am loving the much rounder shape (thank you pleats!) of the newer hobos:

Ergo Leather Pleated Hobo

And now starts the countdown... let's see how many days I can resist before I walk back into the store and drop $300 on it! Feel free to place your bets!


Anonymous said...

I'd say the Spender will exercise steely self restraint. The handbags will lead her not into temptation.

Nah, I give it 5 days tops before NYS goes back, wallet in hand and cleans out the store. Let's pray that doesn't happen either. Instead she will provide a display of moderation and only buy the red weekend Hampton tote. It is very attractive in design and color.

NY Spender said...

Oh Daisy!

Five days is probably a good guess! lol

Payday is Friday... hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Coach love!! I'm a huge Coach fan so of course I say GO FOR IT! ;) Their leather is so nice and most of their styles are really timeless.

Hooray for Coach! ;D

plumjewels said...

I was going to say - how many days until payday? LOL

I usually like the more structured bags with lots of pockets/zippers inside to keep things organized.

HOWEVER - Coach had a big launch campaign for the Ergo and for some strange reason, I keep going back to it. I really like it. Not in love with any of the colors, though.

NY Spender said...

long time no see!!! :)


I know what you mean about the Ergo colors, BUT, the black one is perfect! ;)

Dee said...

$300... That's equivalent to approximately 1,611 Egyptian Pounds.. I'd still not buy it!! Unless I have a lot of money to spare :)

1blueshi1 said...

I have noticed & despaired of the upward trend on the Coach pricing myself (perhaps their bags are actually made of gasoline, milk, and bread, and that explains it??). Currently, if I had 800.00 in my pocket pointing my way to the Coach store, I would treat myself to the new Legacy bag, Francine.
"Come on Francine" to the tune of Come on Eileen!