May 29, 2008

Sex and the City Review

Everywhere you turn Sex and the City is there! These days you can't escape it. With the movie coming out tomorrow, I'll be glad when it's over. :)

What I've found peculiar about this movie opening, is that everybody is giving away tickets for it. Every other blog has some kind of "Sex and the City" giveaway. Tickets, shoes... you name it.

I read some Italian magazines, and even those have Sex and the City references on them. There is an Italian bank that is giving away movie tickets for people that open a new bank account!!!

Let me make this clear: there is no giveaway on this post.

There won't be nice words either, so if you are a fan of the show, well, I understand you have the right to respectfully disagree with me on this one. ;)

I'll make my point short and sweet. I don't like Sarah Jessica Parker, and I've never cared for the show either. Why not?

Because the title is all wrong. To me, a show titled "Sex and the City" should star these actresses:

and not these:

If they would have called the show: "I'm Ugly and Annoying, I Use Sex To Get Attention" or "If I can Get Laid, You Can Get Laid", maybe I would have tuned in.

And let's not forget Sarah Jessica Parker has won the "Unsexiest Woman" award.

I mean, this is sexy:

this is not!


Anonymous said...

I'm personally not a huge fan of Sex and the City myself, but I gotta say ... posting that picture of Sarah Jessica Parker was sort of a low blow. Very superficial views of sexiness. I'm disappointed.

TresChic said...

thank you! i thought i was the only one that felt this way! & im sorry but sjp can't act. wow glad thats out of the way!

NY Spender said...

Hi Anonymous,
I am no sure I understand you... you say posting that picture of Sarah was a low blow. I actually picked a decent picture of her. There are a million other pictures where she is uglier and I could have posted those to make my point clearer, but I picked one where she is just herself, natural looking and smiling. How is that a low blow?

NY Spender said...

you're welcome!
I guess they won't find us at the movies this Friday... unless it's for Indiana Jones... ;)

Anonymous said...

I saw my first episode of S&C, actually the ending 10 min of it.

The plot apparently involved a friend (Tatum O'Neal) of Carrie's who had likely borrowed and misplaced her shoes. Tatum and Carrie had an awkward exchange regarding how and if Tatum should pay for the shoes. Tatum was appalled to learn the sandals cost $485.00 (or more) and refused to pay the full amount, chiding Carrie that she will not pay for Carrie's "extravagant lifestyle." She then implied because Carrie is single, minus husband and kids, she does not have a "real life." Carrie came up with a clever gesture that made her eat her words---this part was hilarious.

I had gathered that Carrie's occupation is a newspaper columnist. I bet newspaper columnists all over the US are wondering how she manages to purchase such luxury items on her salary, unless she churns out best selling pulp romance novels on the side. What amused me is that the brand of shoes is on prominent display, in an "IN YOUR FACE" manner. It's not a far leap to the conclusion that the shoe manufacturer may be one of the financial sponsors of the show. I am unfamiliar with the vast majority of upscale brands. If I were to start watching this show this will change.

I have no feelings towards Parker, I always did like the show for selecting a lead actress who is not conventionally beautiful. This goes for Cynthia Nixon. They are attractive in their own ways but do not fit the Hollywood Barbie Doll mode. I've enjoyed watching Nixon on House and Law and Order, among my favorite shows.

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter if it's a good or a bad picture of her. That's not the point at all. To me it seems like you're pointing out that she doesn't meet the traditional, hollywood version of sexy. She's different. She looks unique. It was a low blow because you took a picture of a quirky looking woman, put it next to a traditional, barbie-doll looking woman and said look how un-sexy she is. I just thought it was rude. And takes a very superficial approach to what is sexy. That's all.

NY Spender said...

she doesn't meet the traditional idea of sexy "for me". If that idea happens to coincide with the Hollywood standards I can't help it.

I'm not bashing her, I'm not saying she's stupid, I'm just saying that to me she is not sexy at all. And sometimes, very painful to the eye.

I guess I have very traditional and mainstream "sexy" and "beauty" standards.

plumjewels said...

I've never gotten into watching S&C. It's one of those shows that I call morally bankrupt. Like reality shows, or idol, or a myriad of other shows these days, I don't find them entertaining, enlightening, funny or challenging in any way - and many are just mean-spirited.

I don't have any qualms about how the actresses of S&C look - kind of like the new Dove ads, highlighting "real women." I think that is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Thank Goodness everyone can have their own idea of 'sexy'. Or anything else. Being just about a dead ringer for Cynthia Nixon, I spent a lot of time during high school and college watching stupid boys walk right past smart, interesting me to get to the overtanned, underdressed, vapid bottle blondes. Maybe they just appeared safe and easy to young guys. Or, the kind of "woman" the media has always told them they want! I think the whole point of the show was that it was about some 30-something women in New York, and not about 22-year-old models. All sorts of things and appearances can be condsidered 'sexy', and thankfully, there's potentially someone for everyone. BTW, I've heard SJP is lovely in person.

NY Spender said...

Ok, let me try to tackle this point from a different angle.

Is there any actress/actor/singer/public figure (someone we all know) out there that for no particular reasons you just don't like?

For me it's SJP. And some others, too.

And Melissa, granted, I could meet her tomorrow, discover that she is so cool and lovely and become her best friend, it's not like I would fight it.

But as of right now, not knowing her, never having seen the show, I just feel I don't like her.

EvaAmarri said...

i will admit that sarah isn't the best looking actress out there but i cant see anyone else as carrie

Anonymous said...

Such a good call. beauty is so much more than angst, shoes, insecurity and lust.

Rumor is that the original story was a gay male foursome recast as white straight girls.

Much like how New Edition became New Kids on the Block?

Sadly, the "sex and city effect" is still rolling strong.

We'll know the markets really cooked when the Bloomies credit fallout hits..

eye4style said...

What a horribly sad thought that only stereotypically beautiful women can be sexy. It leaves me wondering if you even understand what sex appeal is...

NY Spender said...

I never said that only beautiful women can be sexy. As a matter of fact I am not beautiful but I have just gotten the role of "sexy" from Daisy, in her pilot for a new show. :)

Anonymous said...

what?!! you're going to be in a show!?

about the sexy SJP thing, I don't find her to be a pretty woman, or even sexy really, BUT I do admire her for sticking herself out there as such and not getting plastic surgery to conform.

NY Spender said...

Hey Delphine! :)

you need to catch up on comments... the show idea is in the bermuda post's comment section.

Anonymous said...

yes ma'am!! right away!!