June 22, 2008

bikini club - week 13

Welcome back to the Bikini Club! :)

If this is your first visit, you can browse older bikini posts here.

This week I want to pay extra attention to the beauty section of our bikini drills.

Since we've pretty much adjusted our diets, we don't eat junk nor cookies if we can help it, and we are exercising regularly, we now have less than a month for the finishing touches to our bodies for Summer and the beach.

What we need at this point is extra pampering and extra care.

My showers are about 10 minutes longer now because I don't skip any steps (I shave, scrub my body and massage my scalp every time!) and my after showers are about 5 minutes longer too (I moisturize and try to fight cellulite). Which means I am always 15 minutes late for work. But at least my skin is not dull! ;)

One thing I've learned with all the scrubbing I've done recently (and bear with me if you have always known this, I can be very oblivious at times) is that if you use a scrubbing brush like this one, you get a much better scrub than if you use your bare hands (unless your skin is very sensitive, then you want to stick to your bare hands).

Using the brush also made me go back and appreciate a product that at first I didn't like too much, the Sephora brand body scrub.

I had complained that it was runny and that I couldn't get much scrubbing out of it, because the water from the shower would always wash it away too quickly.

Well, I've learned to squeeze the scrub onto the brush, and then use the brush to scrub my body, and let me tell you... much better (I'll pretend I don't hear all your duhs...)!

I'm also looking into a mud mask for my hair.

This Marine Mud Treatment from Oscar Blandi has marine mud which is supposed to have a healing effect on hair.

You leave it on for 15 minutes, and et voila'! Beautiful hair! :)

Lastly, I want a new face mask.

Right now I am looking at two different products:

This gentle looking Clarifying Detox Mask from Boscia.

I have combination/oily skin, so clay masks are always a good choice, and this one controls oil and detoxifies skin from deep within.

And this tough looking NARS Mud Mask.

It really looks like it will detoxify my skin, and if nothing else, it will be amusing to wear it and freak out the cat/boyfriend/pizza delivery guy... or whoever else gets on my nerves that day. ;)

And why are you still reading this??? Go on, go pamper yourself!!!


plumjewels said...

I was just thinking about that this weekend! I am definitely doing a lot more exfoliating and moisturizing than I used to - a GOOD thing :-)

I always took care of the face - but also now paying lots of attention to hair and body.

Thank you Spender, for leading the way!

Anonymous said...

I have not tried most beauty products,especially when it comes to exfoliating and deep hair conditioning. I am intrigued by Marine Mud Treatment. I am a bit reluctant about rubbing mud in my hair :D. I am thinking about ordering it. I wonder how long it would last on my length of hair. The jar seems rather small. I assume based on your recommendation you have had good results.

Here's an April Fool's gag.

1. Take an empty jar of Marine Mud Treatment
2. Fill it with mud from your backyard after a heavy rain.
3. Use non-toxic food coloring to achieve the exact shade of Marine Mud Treatment.
4. Send it to your ex (male or female), touting its miraculous properties of healing and rejuvenating one's hair.
5. Wait patiently in your home.
6. At the first loud, obscenity filled phone message, calmly dial the FBI and ask to be placed in a protection program. Ensure it is far away from your current residence, along with a new identity and social security number.

In my case, "Daisy" would become "Chrysanthemum." Or Red Apple, a nice ground covering.

Anonymous said...

Now look at where my new upscale tastes have lead me, straight into a Coach store. I really, really, like the wristlet shown previously, it seems roomy enough but is still small. This is a nice combination. I am tempted to order it over the internet but there is a store nearby where it may or may not carry this item. I go have a look. For some reason the way I used to post didn't work and I went from Daisy to Annonymous.

I really like the wristlet! Probably will not purchase it for now. Sigh. Sigh It's called budgeting. Maybe at a later time.


NY Spender said...

Your body thanks you and you look gorgeous, Plum! :)



I am planning on trying the mud for the hair, I have not used it yet, so if you want to wait, you'll probably read about it soon.

As for the wristlet, I adore mine. It's just perfect. I put in some cash, my debit card, my blackberry and my keys. That's it. It's always light, and so adorable.

Also, I've just received a notice about my stimulus check!!! I am getting it in a week. So I think I am paying a visit to Coach tomorrow! Yay!

You can budget yourself and wait. Don't buy it if you will regret it later. Or, try to find ways to save that money somewhere else, it's $100, maybe you have some vice you can put aside for a few days (starbucks coffee, take-out dinner, hairdresser, boy-toy...?) ;)

JustLo said...

So I guess I'm alittle slow too... but after reading this post I decided to go out and get a scrub brush too. And it really does work better!

Anonymous said...

I'm preoccupied with something more substantial than a boy-toy right now--the operative words being "right now." But there will always be time for pretty boys.

Sorry, I didn't mean to objective men as merely sex objects.